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  1. Define refrigeration ton.
    rate of heat removal = to cooling effect of 1 ton block of ice melting in 24 hours
  2. Describe heat gain per pound of refrigerant in evap.
    Refrig. Effect
  3. What is heat of compression?
    heat removed by the condenser from refrigerant
  4. What is latent heat?
    Change of state
  5. What is specific heat?
    Heat required to raise 1lb of a substance 1 degree F.
  6. Why subcool refrigerant prior to TXV?
    Increase refrig effect by reducing flash gas.
  7. What does the pressure of a control tubing in a TXV depend upon?
    Thermal bulb attached to the tail of the evap measuring super heat.
  8. What is the condition when liquid reaches suction line to the compressor?
  9. Where does refrigerant absorb latent heat of vaporization?
  10. What is the result of some burnt refrigerants?
    Toxic gas
  11. What causes frost on compressor suction line?
    TXV stuck open
  12. What causes crank case to sweat?
  13. What would result from oxidation of lube oil due to overheat?
  14. What causes crank case oil to foam?
    Refrigerant boiling out of solution
  15. What do we do to prevent flashing in the liquid line?
    Subcooling in the condenser.
  16. What is refrigeration ton equal to?
    12,000 BTUh
  17. An increase in _______ will cause an automatically controlled refrigeration compressor to restart.
    suction pressure
  18. If the compressor short cycling on high head pressure you should check for proper _______ through the condenser.
    water flow
  19. Lack of _______ may cause the compressor not start.
  20. An increase in the heat load to a refrigeration system will cause ____________.
    suction temperature to increase
  21. Frost accumulation on the evaporator will cause the compressor to short cycle on __________.
    low pressure
  22. A compressor continuously without lowering the temperature may be cause by ____________.
    low refrigerant
  23. A shortage of refrigerant is indicated by _____________.
    bubble in the sight glass
  24. Adding refrigerant to the low side of an AC system, refrigerant should be introduced through the ________ valve as a __________.
    • suction service
    • vapor
  25. Charging lines should be _______ before charging a refrigeration unit.
  26. Excessive moisture collected in the purge unit of a low pressure refrigeration system could indicate ___________.
    leaking tubes
  27. The ozone depletion factor of R-12 is _________.
  28. When a fluid or gas contains all the heat it can without changing state, we call this _______.
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