chapter 54 cont

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  1. normal platelet count is
    150,000 to 400,000
  2. erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR
    test for inflammation

    rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, cancer, multiple myeloma , rheumatic fever , lupus

    wintrobe, westergren, landau-adams 

    EDTA lanvendar tube

    60 minutes test not an hour
  3. coagulation testin
    PT: promthrombin time test evaluates the presence of factor VIIa , V and X , prothrombin , fibrinogen

    fibrinogen: protein called globulin 

    reported in SECONDS 10 to 13 seconds

    patients who have clotting problems
  4. INR
    international normalized ratio created by WHO world health organization because PT test results can vary

    inr have values 1.5 to 2.5 ( 2 to 3 vaules)
  5. immunohematology
    blood bank responsible for blood typing

    antigen system: ABO or landsteiner Rh system

    A, B, O, AB

    a person is either Rh negative or Rh postive

    China more than 99% Rh positive

    NOT CLIA waived
  6. patients with type AB blood are considered
    universal recipients
  7. patients with type O blood is considered
    universal donor
  8. in emergencies if there is no time for type and cross match type __  blood is adminsitered
    O negative O-
  9. determination of Rh factor
    NOT CLIA waived

    rhesus monkeys

    detects the presence of D antigens on the surface of RBCs
  10. hemoglobin A1c testing

    this test gives information about the average blood sugar level during the past 2 or 3 months
  11. cholesterol testing
  12. thyroid hormone testing
    the thyroid gland is located anterior to the trachea in the throat

    • T3
    • T4

    pituitary gland and hypothalamus
  13. erythocytes carry
    gases , oxygen , carbon dioxide
  14. hemotologist
    investigate hemostasis blance of substance in blood , ability to stop clotting process
  15. RBC are ___ than WBC
  16. erythroblast
    immature RBC or rubiblast
  17. normaocytes
    shed from nuclei before entering the blood stream
  18. reticulocyte
    enter blood stream contain DNA look blue under microscope when stained
  19. mature RBCs
    erythrocytes redish pigment has millions of hemoglobin carries oxygen bioconcave lost nucleus
  20. hemi means
  21. globin mean
  22. prothrombin time test
    coagulation and before surgery to see if patient is going to bleed out
  23. list the three main functions of blood
    supplies cells with needed nutrients

    delivers oxygen to tissues through hemoglobin

    remove wastes
  24. role of hematology
    blood cells are enumerated , WBC are differentiated , the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood is determined
  25. neutrophils
    most numerous

    engulf and digest foreing matter

    immature neutrophils is called a band or stab

    menigitis , pneumonia , appendicits , strep throat , leukemia
  26. eosinophil
    parastic infestation, tape worm , phagocytic histamine , hay fever , asthma
  27. basophil
    immediate response to external antigens

    histamine , heparin , anaphylaxis
  28. lymphocytes
    foreign antigen


  29. monocyte

    engest baterial and the debris of cellular breakdown

    • hepatitis
    • mumps
    • rickettsial
    • rocky mountain spotted fever
    • typhoid fever
  30. destroying patogens requres three specific steps
    antigen processing , lymphocyte stimulation , antibody production
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