Chapter 7

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  1. bi
    two or double
  2. bucc/o
  3. dors/o
  4. dys
    bad, painful, difficult, disordered
  5. electr/o
    electric, electricity
  6. fasci/o
    band of fibrous tissue
  7. fibr/o
  8. graphy
    process of recording
  9. itis
  10. leiomy/o
    smooth muscle
  11. my/o
  12. myos/o
  13. pector/o
    pertaining to the chest
  14. rhabdomy/o
    striated or skeletal muscle
  15. tri
  16. troph/o
  17. ankyl/o
  18. arthr/o
  19. articul/o
  20. burs/o
  21. centesis
    surgical puncture
  22. desis
    binding or surgical fusion
  23. gram
    picture or record
  24. ligament/o
  25. oste/o
  26. plasty
    surgical repair
  27. scopy
    process of viewing with a scope
  28. ten/o; tendin/o; tend/o
  29. SLE
    systemic lupus erythematosus
  30. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis
  31. OA
  32. ESR
    erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  33. EMG
  34. IM
  35. abduction
    movement of bone away from midline of the body
  36. adduction
    movement of bone toward the midline of the body
  37. ankylosing spondylitis
    type of arthritis that affects the vertebral column & causes deformities of the spine
  38. ankylosis
  39. arthralgia
    joint pain
  40. arthritis
    inflammation of the joints
  41. arthrocentesis
    surgical puncture w/needle to w/drawal fluid 4 analysis
  42. arthrodesis
    joint binding or surgical fusion
  43. arthrography
    process of xraying a joint after contrast medium has been injected
  44. arthroplasty
    surgical reconstruction of a joint
  45. arthroscopy
    visualization of the interior of a joint by using an endoscope.
  46. articular
  47. articular cartilage
    thin layer of cartilage protecting & covering connecting surfaces of the bones
  48. articulatioin
    a joint
  49. atrophy
    wasting away without development
  50. biceps
  51. biceps brachii
    2 heads, originate from scapula & inserts on radius
  52. buccal
  53. buccinator
    located in the fleshy part of the cheek
  54. bunion (hallux valgus)
    abnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the great toe
  55. bunionectomy
    surgical removal of the bunion; removing the bony overgrowth & the bursa.
  56. bursa
    small sac contains synovial fluid for lubricating the area around a joint where friction is most likely 2 occur.
  57. bursitis
    inflammation of the bursa
  58. cardiac muscle
    specialized type of muscle that forms the wall of the heart. involuntary.
  59. cartilaginous joint
    bones connected by cartilage i.e. symphysis (pubic bones of pelvis) allows limited movement
  60. circumduction
    movement of an extremity around in a circular motion
  61. contracture
    abnormal(usually permanent) bending of a joint
  62. crepitation
    clicking or cracking sounds heard upon joint movement
  63. deltoid
    covers shoulder joint
  64. diaphragm
  65. dislocation
    displacement of a bone from its normal location w/n a joint, causing loss of function
  66. dorsal
  67. dorsiflexion
    bending foot backward and upward at the ankle
  68. dystonia
  69. dystrophy
    bad, painful, difficult, disordered, development
  70. electromyogram
  71. electromyography
    process of recording the strength of the contraction of a muscle w/stimulated by electrical current.
  72. electroneuromyography
  73. erythrocyte sed rate
    rate erythrocytes settle in unclotted blood; determine degree of rheumatoid arthritis
  74. extension
    straightening motion - increases the angle between 2 bones
  75. fascia
    thin sheets of fiberous connective tissue that penetrate and cover the entire muscle holding the fibers 2gether
  76. fasciotomy
  77. fibroma
  78. fibrous joint
    surfaces of bones fit closely 2gether & r held 2gether by fiberous connective tissue i.e. sutures skull
  79. flexion
    bending motion - decreases the angle between 2 bones
  80. ganglion
    cystic tumor developing on a tendon; i.e. back of wrist
  81. gastrocnemius
    main muscle of the calf. used for standing on tiptoe
  82. gout
    acute arthritis - 1st metatarsal joint of great toe
  83. hallux valgus
    see bunion
  84. hamstring muscle
    biceps femoris, semimembranosus & semitendinosus r responsible 4 flexing the leg on the thigh they also extend the thigh
  85. herniated disk
    ruptured disk and slipped disk
  86. hinge joint
    allows movement in one direction i.e. elbow
  87. insertion
    point of attachment of a muscle to a bone it moves
  88. latissimus dorsi
    forms the posterior border of the axilla (armpit)
    smooth muscle fibrous tumor
  90. ligamental
    pertaining to the ligaments
  91. ligaments
    connective tissue bands that join bone to bone offering support to the joint
  92. Lyme disease
    acute, recurrent, inflammatory infection xmitted through the bite of an infected deer tick
  93. masseter
    located at the angle of the jaw. raises the mandible and closes the jaw
  94. muscle biopsy
    extraction of a specimen of muscle tissue, through either a biopsy needle or an incisional biopsy
  95. muscular dystrophy
    genetic; degenerative; progressive w/out nerve invovlement; fatal; gene testing
  96. myalgia
    muscle pain
  97. myositis
    muscle inflammation
  98. needle aspiration
    insertion of a needle n2 a cavity 4 the purpose of w/drawing fluid
  99. osteoarthritis
    degenerative joint disease. most common arthritis. bone joint inflammation
  100. pectoral
    pertaining to the chest
  101. pelvic girdle
  102. photosensitivity
    increased reaction of the skin to exposure to sunlight
  103. plantar flexation
    bending the foot downward
  104. polymyositis
    excessive muscle inflammation - chronic progressive muscle weakness, degeneration of skeletal (striated) muscles.
  105. pronation
    turning the palm down or backward
  106. pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy
    pertaining to excessive false development.  i.e. Duchenne's muscular dystrophy
  107. quadriceps femoris
    anterior part of the thigh has 5 muscles that work 2gether to extend the thigh
  109. rheumatoid arthritis
    chronic, systemic, inflammatory effecting multiple joints
  110. rheumatoid factor
    blood test for rheumatoid arthritis
  111. rotation
    turning of a bone on its own axis
  112. sciatica
    inflammation of the sciatic nerve. marked by pain in the thigh and leg
  113. skeletal muscle
    muscles attached to bones of the skeleton; striated muscle; voluntary
  114. sternomastoid
  115. striated muscle
    have stripped appearance when viewed under a microscope i.e. skeletal or cardiac
  116. subluxation
    incomplete dislocation
  117. supination
    palms are up and forward
  118. suture
    immoveabe joint
  119. synovial fluid
    thick lubricating fluid in synovial joint
  120. synovial membrane
    lining of synovial joint cavity
  121. systemic lupus erythematosus
    chronic, imflammatory connective-tissue; affects skin, nervous system, kidneys, lungs and other
  122. temporal
    located above and near the ear
  123. tendinitis
  124. tendon
    strong fibrous band of tissue that extends from muscle attaching 2 a bone by becoming continuous w/the periosteum of the bone
  126. tibialis anterior
    on front part of leg. turns the foot inward and for dorsiflexing the foot.
  127. torso
    main part of the body
  128. trapezius
    triangle shaped muscle across back of shoulders
  129. triceps
  130. triceps brachii
    3 heads, originate from scapula and humerus and insert onto the olecranon process of the ulna
  131. visceral muscle
    muscles of the internal organs
  132. viscous
    sticky gelatinous
  133. voluntary muscle
    operate under conscious control
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