Civil Liberties Chapter 4 We The People

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  1. The Supreme Court case of Mapp v. ohio established the?
    Exclusionary rule. 
  2. Protections of citizens from improper government action is the definition of?
    Civil liberties
  3. Which of the following places restraints on how the government is supposed to act?
    Procedural liberties
  4. The first civil liberty selectively incorporated into the 14th amendment as a limitation on state government power was for
    Property protection
  5. Which 1937 Supreme court case established the principle selective incorporation?
    Palko v. Connecticut
  6. The _________ has been interpreted quite strictly to mean that a virtual wall of separation exists between church and state
    Establishment clause
  7. The so-called Lemon test, which came from the court case Lemon v. Kurtzman, concerns the issue of
    Aid to religious schools
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