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  1. What are the similarities in public speaking and conversation?
    • focus and verbalize your thoughts
    • requires you to make decisions on your feet.
  2. what are the differences in public speaking and conversation?
    • public speaking is more formal, no slang
    • physical distance
    • speakers have planned geastures.
  3. What is the interaction portion of the communication process?
    feedback through geastures, facial expressions, or mumbles.
  4. How should a speaker react to the audience's interactions?
    • adjust volume, vocab.
    • rate of speaking
    • type/amount of supporting information.
  5. What is the demographics of the audience?
    • Age, race, gender
    • education level, religious views
    • sexual orientation.
  6. What is psychographics?
    • the audience's attitude
    • determined by beliefs,
    • values,
    • verbal and nonverbal behaviors
  7. Explain speaking ethically
    • speaking with a clear goal
    • using sound evidence and reasoning
    • sensative to other's feelings and beliefs
    • honest and avoids plagirism
  8. What are some ways to reduce communication apprehension as a speaker?
    • be more redundant
    • have clear preview statments
    • summarisze major ideas
  9. What are some ways to reduce communication apprehension as a listener?
    • listen with your eyes
    • have a goal when you're listening(pleasure, empathize...)
    • listen for major ideas
  10. What are some ways you could evaluate and analyze speeches?
    • rhetoric critisism
    • using standards to evaluate effectiveness
    • and appropriateness of speehces.
  11. What are some ways to give feedback?
    • be descriptive
    • specific
    • positive
    • constructive
    • sensative
    • realistic
  12. what are some technieques to create memorable word structures?
    • paralellism
    • antithesis(two parts with opposite meanings)
    • repition of key words or phrases
    • alliteration.
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