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  1. Nephritis
    Inflammation of the kidney
  2. Occult blood
    Blood which is present in faeces or other matter
  3. Oesophagus
    The tube connecting the throat with the stomach, the gullit
  4. Palliative
    This is said of a treatment which relieves symptoms but which does not cure the disease
  5. Retention of urine
    Inability to pas urine owing to blockage of the urethra (in men this blockage is often caused by the prostate gland)
  6. Salivery glands
    Glands which secrete saliva. The glands are located in the cheeks
  7. Sebaceous glands
    The small oil-secreting glands of the skin
  8. Scurvy
    An illness caused by deficiency of vitamin C
  9. Sepsis
    The presence in the bloodstream or in the tissue of harmful bacteria or their toxins
  10. Sputum
    Matter which is coughed up from the lungs and airways. This generally means particles of mucus discharge, with some pus as a result of inflammation.
  11. Stethoscope
    A doctor's instrument which is used for auscultation
  12. Stuper
    Partial unconsciousness
  13. Suture
    Stitchers which are made in sewing up a wound, especially after an operation
  14. Symptoms
    What the patient himself feels and notices about his illness
  15. Syndrome
    A group of signs and symptoms which together form the features of a particular disease
  16. Therapy
  17. Thrombosis
    The formation of a thrombus (a clot) in a blood vessel
  18. Tract
    Passage, e.g. the digestive tract which extends from the mouth and oesophagus to the rectum and anus
  19. Vein
    A blood vessel which carries blood from the organs and tissues to the heart. Compare ARTERY.
  20. Vermicide
    A drug which will kill worms in the intestines (bowels). Other '-cides are: homicide, pesticide, infanticide, suicide, fraternicide etc.
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