Mabeth Vocab #3

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  1. Furbish
    v. to restore to original condition
  2. Brandish
    v. to wave a weapon around
  3. Thane
    n. member of a royal pary who hold land due to military service
  4. Sooth
    n. truth
  5. Treason
    n. the act of betraying loyalty
  6. Brinded
    adj. streaked (as in shadows on a path)
  7. Blaspheme
    v. to speak desrespectfully about God and religion
  8. Cauldron
    n. a big pot that witched make brew in
  9. Farrow
    • n. a litter of pigs
  10. Vanquish
    v. to defeat
  11. Bondement
    n. an omen of bad things in store
  12. Pernicious
    adj. deadly
  13. Homely
    adv. commonly seen; familiar
  14. Dolor
    n. sorrow; grief
  15. Sundry
    adj. different for each
  16. Avarious
    adj. greedy
  17. Cistern
    n. a tank that holds water
  18. Hoodwink
    v. to decieve or trick
  19. Guise
    n. assumed apperance (outward appearance)
  20. Gentry
    n. Well-bread people; upper class

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Mabeth Vocab #3
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Vocab from Macbeth Act III
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