OT 3 Bethel pictures

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  1. Broken note
    The intent of God that the inhabitants of the world should dwell in a domain where they would have harmony with all things is mutilated and maligned
  2. Figure facing away from outstretched hand
    The Edenic account portrays that dilemma as the direct after effect of disobedience to God
  3. Outstretched arms of central figure
    Discontent and unsatisfied with the limited freedom demanded by God, humanity revolts against God
  4. Space between central figure and outstretched hand
    Disobedience and revolt issues in separation and estrangement from God
  5. Painful countenance on central figure's face
    Estrangement issues in disharmony with God
  6. Broken note penetrating flesh
    Estrangement issues in disharmony with self
  7. Broken note striking second figure
    Estrangement issues in disharmony with others
  8. Broken note penetrating the earth
    Estrangement issues in disharmony with nature
  9. Cracked earth and parched ground
    Estrangement issues in the misuse of creation.
  10. Yokelike appearance of broken note
    Disobedience, revolt, separation, and estrangement leaves God's created ones carrying the burden of guilt and a "sense of guilt."
  11. Large hand extended in beckoning position
    God does not abandon sinful people. A new promise is given.
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