OT 5 Bethel Pictures

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  1. Figure sifting on rock ledge (lower right)
  2. Ring encircles figure
    Israel is set apart by God to carry out a unique destiny upon the earth.
  3. Figure surveys scenes in misty clouds
    Israel contemplates some of the promises, disciplines, and circumstances which belong to its future.
  4. Land scene (lower left)
    Covenant entails promise of a land.
  5. Kingdom scene (middle left)
    Covenant entails promise that seed of Abraham will multiply, and Israel will become a great kingdom.
  6. Small figures encircled by ring (upper left)
    ¬†Israel is called to main­tain ethnic separation.
  7. Small figure separated from circled figures (upper left)
    God brings about separation within families to ensure fulfillment of the destiny.
  8. Circled figure and land scene (lower left)
    Divine circumstances lead Israel to geographic separation.
  9. Prism symbol
    ¬†Land, kingdom, and separation concepts — all are understood to be means to an end which will permit Israel to become the blessing which it was called to be.
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