OT 8 Bethel Pictures

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  1. Manuscript and its message
    Post-Egypt - the destiny still stands.
  2. Manuscript tied to anchor
    The destiny must be ensured.
  3. Anchor lodged in sand
    Ensuring factors understood only in relationship to infancy stage of Israel history.
  4. Lightning streaks on rock
     Divine intervention develop confidence and trust.
  5. Scales of justice on rock
     Institution of moral and civil law to prevent chaos and destruction.
  6. Separated figures on rock
    Development of visual aids to perpetuate ideas of separation unto God and obedience to God's will.
  7. Wine chalice and bread on rock
    Memorial feasts to remind of past, present, and future.
  8. Tent on rock
    Tabernacle as constant reminder of God's presence
  9. Mace on rock
    Leaders with the proper credentials
  10. Land scene on rock
    Ultimatums concerning conquest of land
  11. All rocks attached to manuscript
    Ensuring factors- all means to an end to help ensure the destiny
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A destiny Ensured
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