health assessment ch. 11

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  1. optimal nutrition
    sufficient nutrients are consumed to support day to day body needs and any increased metabolic demands due to growth, preg, or illness.
  2. undernutrition
    nutritional reserves are depleted and or when nutrient intake is inadequate to meet day to day needs or added metabolic demands
  3. over nutrition
    caused by the consumption of nutrients, especially calories, sodium and fat in excess of body needs
  4. 24 hour recall
    questionnaire about the last 24 hour food intake
  5. food frequency questionnaire
    how many times a week or month that a person eats a particular type of food with an estimate of usual intake
  6. mid upper arm muscle circumfrences
    estimates skeletal muscle reserves or the amount of lean body mass
  7. mid arm muscle area
    indicator of lean body mass and skeletal muscle protein reserves
  8. bioelectrical impendance analysis and dual energy x ray absorptiometry
    measure fat and lean body mass and bone mineral density
  9. glucose
    less than 100
  10. hemoglobin
  11. hematocrit
    males 37-49% females 36-46%
  12. cholesterol
    men 35-65 females 35-80
  13. triglycerides
    less than 150
  14. serum albumin
  15. prealbumin
  16. obesity
    30-39.9 bmi
  17. marasmus
    protein calorie malnutrition

    due to inadequate intake of protein and calories or to prolonged starvation
  18. kwashiorkor
    protein malnutrition

    due to diets high in calories but contain little or no protein
  19. marasmus/kwashiorkor mix
    due to prolonged inadequate intake of protein and calories such as severe starvation and severe catabolic states

    muscle fat, visceral protein wasting
  20. pellagra
    deficiency of niacin

    hands, forearms, neck and legs
  21. follicular hyperkeratosis
    dry bumpy skin associated with vitamin A or linoleic acid deficiency
  22. scorbutic gums
    deficiency in vitamin c

    swollen gums, ulcerated and bleeding
  23. magenta tongue
    iron deficiency
  24. rickets
    sign of vit d and calcium deficiencies
  25. bitots spots
    foamy plaques of the cornea that are a sign of vit. A deficiency
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