pediatrics 7

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  1. at what month does not sitting independantly become a red flag?
    8 months
  2. what's sitting like at 8 months?
    • functional sitting
    • may use positional stability
    • beginning to use a variety of sitting pos.
    • not sitting indep is a red flag
  3. when does pull-to-stand happen?
    • 10-12 months
    • could be as early as 7
  4. 8 months, regarding pull to stand (could be at 7)
    • it's just early attempts (success comes around 10-12 months)
    • pulling up using UEs, then forward WS, then fall down to sit
  5. crawling happens when?
    9-11 months
  6. bear walking happens when?
    10-12 months
  7. pull to stand, and lower self, happens when?
    10-12 months
  8. cruising sideways happens when?
    10-12 months
  9. side sit happens when?
    9 months
  10. side sit is a compbo of what two kinds of sitting?
    ring and "W"
  11. elongation and wt bearing...?
    when you wt bear you should elongate that side
  12. her view on W sitting - when is it ok?
    if it's part of a variety of sitting positions
  13. negatives of W sitting
    • associated with low tone
    • reinforeces femoral anteversion
    • if kid has hip dysplasia can --> dislocation
    • trunk muscles not challencged
    • there's no plevic roation or lat wt shifting
    • stretches MCLs of knee
    • can contribute to genu valgum
    • if used exclusively --> decreased control of trunk & hip
  14. hip pos in tall kneeling
    flexion, ABD, ER
  15. in tall kneel why is it dificult for a baby to extend hips?
    • rectus fem is tight
    • glu max is week
    • so kid'll do tall kneel with slight flex in hips
  16. tall kneeling happens when?
    10-12 months
  17. pull to stand via 1/2 kneel happens when?
    11-13 months
  18. stands alone happens when?
    11-14 months
  19. walks with both hands held happens when?
    10-12 months
  20. walks indep happens when?
    • 10-15 months
    • (didn't she say 12-14 elsewhere?)
  21. when does pronation in gait disappear and longitudinal arch become visible
    2 yrs
  22. study found that 100 4 month old infants spending 81 min pron per day had greater success in...
    acquiring prone, supine, and sitting milestones than infants who spent less time in prone
  23. at what age can you put a kid in an exersaucer? what must the kid be able to do?
    • >8-9months
    • have good head & trunk control
  24. what is "fixing?"
    • using some motion to decrease the degrees of freedom at a joint
    • can be used for stability and to control movement
    • used when a kid is learning a new skill or compensating for a deficie
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