Geography Test 1

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  1. What are some of the CIS countries?
    • Russia
    • Estonia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Belarus
    • Ukraine
    • Moldova
    • Georgia
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • STANS
  2. What are some of the satellite countries?
    • Poland
    • Hungary
    • Romania
    • Bulgaria
    • Albania
    • Czechoslovakia
    • East Germany
    • Yugoslavia
  3. List 8 Russian Problems. 
    Under Bridges Needy Cats Eat Rats Covering Cakes
    • Unemployment
    • Boundary Disputes 
    • Nuclear Plants: poorly designed and constructed
    • Communists: trying to regain power
    • Economy and Ag: what direction to go
    • Russian minorities in other countries
    • Climate: always a problem
    • Crime: barter system
  4. What are 5 reasons for a country being underdeveloped?
    Daring Insects Eat Crazy Rice
    • Dependency Theory
    • Imperialist theory
    • Environmental Determinism
    • Cultural Determinism
    • Religion Restriction
  5. What are 4 measures of developed countries?
    • Occupational Structure/Labor Force
    • Productivity per Worker
    • Per Capita Food Supply
    • Consumption of Energy per person
  6. What are the two geographic factors of Western Europe?
    • Centrally Located
    • Europeanization
  7. What are the four official languages of Switzerland?
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Romansch
  8. What are some problems in Italy?
    • 52 governments
    • government instability
    • unskilled workers
    • friction between the north and south
    • mafia area in Sicily
    • Autonomy for Sardinia
  9. What are the four core areas of Italy?
    • Rome: capital city
    • Po Basin: best used and most production area in Europe (wheat, corn, grapes, WINE= major export)
    • Lombardy: one of most developed and fastet growing industrial centers of Europe (ship building) 
    • Milan: best example of diversified industry (small factories, modern products such as farm equipment, tv sets, fine silk, pharmaceuticals, chinaware, and shoes)
  10. Give some information regarding the size, climate, and agriculture of the Ukraine.
    • Size: largest country in Europe
    • Climate: cold, long winters (Oct- April) and hot summers
    • Agriculture: good soil for crops and livestock; sugar beets, grains, meat, and dairy
  11. Give some information regarding the core areas of Ukraine and the resources found there.
    • Donets Basin: coal
    • Kerch: iron, ore
    • Kiev: factories, political and educational center

    other resources include: mercury and salt
  12. What are some of the problems in Ukraine?
    • No oil or natural gas
    • trouble with Russians living in the Crimea Peninsula
    • Crime because of unemployment
    • Past problems in Chornobyl nuclear plants
    • MAJOR Problem= Political; the country s divided Pro West and Pro Russia
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