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  1. Key figures in Egocentric
    • John Lock-Free Market
    • Thomas Malthus-Population will outgrow Food
    • Garrett Hardin-Tragedy of Commons.
  2. Key figures in Homocentric
    • John Stuart Mill
    • Gifford Pinchot
    • Murry Bookchin
    • Muir
  3. Key concepts in Egocentric
    • Maximize self-interest
    • Dominion over nature
    • Mechanistic worldview
  4. Key Concepts Homocentric
    • -Greatest good for the greatest # of people
    • -Stewardship of Nature
    • -Duty to other Humans
    • -Mechanistic, but does consider non-human     nature
  5. Key figures in Ecocentric(cosmos)
    • Aldo Leopold
    • Rachel Carson
    • Arne Naess
  6. Key Concepts Eco centric(cosmos)
    • -all sentient beings have moral considerbility
    • -intrinsic value of nature
    • -rational, scientific laws of ecology
    • -duty to whole environment
  7. John locke belived in what type of market?
  8. Thomas Malthus thought that what would outgrow this source
    Population would outgrow food productions
  9. Garret Hardin is known for what book?
    Tragedy of Commons
  10. John Stuart Mill Published what in 1848 and whom was he most like and why?
    Hint:this type of population growth would have this type of effect on environment.
    • -Published:
    • -Most like Malthus
    • -Argued that unlimited growth destroyed environments and reduced quality of life
  11. Gifford Pinchot coined what term?
  12. Murry Bookchin founded what?And what does this suggest?
    • -Social Ecology
    • -Social Ecology suggest that the roots of current ecological/social problems stem from social organization(government)
  13. John Muir fought against whom?
    Hetch Hetchy
  14. Rachel Carson wrote what book?
    Silent Spring 1962'
  15. Arne Ness developed what type of Ecology?
    hint: if its not shallow then its...
    Deep Ecology
  16. Relation Eco Community Concepts
    • -Complexity of Nature
    • -Moral Obligation to justice
    • -Cultural & Biological identity
    • -Partnership Model
    • -Ethic Flourishing
  17. Key players in Relation: Eco-Community
    • Carolyn Merchant
    • Karen Warren
    • Robert Bullard
  18. Carolyn Merchant started this type of ecology
    hint:its the opposite of sustained
    Radical Ecology
  19. Karen Warren is a _____ feminist
  20. Robert Bullard was big on ________ justice
  21. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is responsible for two things which are?
    • -Environmental issues @ global and regional levels
    • -Cord. development of environmental policy on global environmental issues
  22. in the 80's first state of the world report said that " we are ______ beyond our means largely by _________ against the future"
    • -Living
    • -borrowing
  23. World Commission on Envrionment and Development(WCED) defines sustainable development as..."_______ that meets the needs of the ______ without compromising the ability of ____ generations to meet their own needs"
    • development
    • present
    • future
  24. Name 4 key concepts from "OUR COMMON FUTURE" Reading
    • -Economic development linked to envrionmental issues
    • -Degradation of natural resources is linked to poverty
    • -National security
    • -Human activities and their effects
    • -Population growth is self-determining
    • -urban planning: Employment and infrastructure
  25. What are the 4 E's
    • -Education
    • -Equity
    • -Economy
    • -Environment
  26. Name 3 goals of Human Development
    • -Satisfaction of Human needs and aspirations
    • -promote values of living within the planets "ecological means"
    • -Advance productive potential and ensure opportunities for all
    • -conservation of all living beings
    • -minimize human impacts on ecosystems
  27. Name 3 conflicts of modern human development
    • -over-exploitation of resources
    • -high productivity and poverty can exist simultaneously
    • -lack of preparation for future scenarios
    • -every ecosystem everywhere cannot be preserved intact
    • -rate of depletion of non-renewable natural resources
    • -population cannot outpace available resources
  28. The Earth Summit took place when and where?What was its main focus?
    • -Rio Brazil 1992
    • -Provided a focus for global concern about the environmental and development crisis.
  29. Things that came out of the Earth Summit, Name 3?
    • -Agenda 21
    • -Statement on forest principles
    • -Convention on Biological Diversity
    • -Business Council for S.D (BCSD)
    • -The Rio Declaration on Envrionment and Development
    • -UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  30. Kyoto Protocol is aimed to reduce what and for which countries?
    • -It was put in place to reduce CO2 for Annex 1 countries
    • -Annex 1 meaning industrialized
  31. Interesting Fact: The Byrd Hagel Resolution passed 95-0. This stopped U.S from entering Kyoto Protocol.
  32. What are 3 needs/Challenges from "Sustainable Rural Development in Latin America"
    • NEEDS
    • Reduction of Poverty
    • Adequate Food Supply
    • Conservation
    • Empowerment
    • Self-Sufficiency
    • International Forces
    • Poverty &Land
    • Uneven distribution of resources
    • Lack of Appropriate technologies
    • War, Crime & Violence
  33. Defining US Industrial Food Production
    "off-Farm Resources"=_______
    • Uniformity
    • Consolidation
    • Specialization
    • Monocultures
  34. Think of 5 outcomes of US industrial food Production?
    • -Loss of Biodiversity
    • -Animals and Crops are delinked
    • -Monoculture
    • -Increased Chemical inputs
    • -energy intensive
    • -water & agricultural pollution/irrigation
    • -soil & fertility
    • -Pesticides & ecological risks
    • -antibiotics
    • -CAFO
    • -Labor Injustices
  35. % of illegal US Farmworkers
  36. Earl "Get big or get out" butz urged farmers to plant "_______ to ________row
    Fencerow to fence
  37. Public health consequences with the US industrialzation of Food
    • -Heart disease
    • -reproductive issues
    • -obesity
    • -farm workers
  38. Barbara Kowalcyk is responsible for what Act?
    Food Safety Modernization Act
  39. Listeria is common in what type of meats?
  40. Campylobacter is common in what?
    Undercooked poultry
  41. E.Coli is dangerous because it can cause what type of failure
  42. Animal welfare consequences of Food Industrialization, Name 3?
    • -Growth Hormones
    • -Antibiotics
    • -Stressful conditions
    • -concentrated manure
    • -infectious diseases
    • -pollution
  43. This act called for the use of antibiotics to be stopped in order to preserve the health of humans to fight infectious diseases
    Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act
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