erector spinae group

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  1. erector spinae muscles are
    • spinalis
    • longissimus
    • iliocostalis
  2. origin of erector spinae group
    • common tendon (thoracolumbar aponeurosis) that attaches to the posterior surface of sacrum,
    • iliac crest,
    • spinous processes of the lumbar and
    • last 2 thoracic vertebrae
  3. Insertion of erector spinae group
    • various attachments at the posterior ribs
    • spinous and
    • transverse processes of thoracic and
    • cervical vertebrae and
    • mastoid process of temporal bone
  4. action of erector spinae group
    • unilaterally:
    • laterally flex vertebral column to the same side

    • bilaterally:
    • extend the vertebral column
  5. nerve of the erector spinae group
  6. origin of spinalis
    • spinous processes of the upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae (thoracis)
    • Ligamentum nuchae,
    • spinous process of C7 (cervicis)
  7. Origin of Longissimus
    • common tendon (thoracis)
    • tvp of upper 5 thoracic vertebrae (cervicis and capitis)
  8. Insertion of Longissimus
    • lower 9 ribs and
    • tvp of thoracic vertebrae (thoracis)

    • tvp of cervical vertebrae (cervicis)
    • mastoid process of temporal bone (capitis)
  9. origin of iliocostalis
    • common tendon (lumborum)
    • posterior surface of ribs 1-12 (thoracis and cervicis)
  10. Insertion of iliocostalis
    • tvp of lumbar vertebrae 1-3 and
    • posterior surface of ribs 6-12 (lumborum)

    • posterior surface of ribs 1-6 (thoracis)
    • tvp of lower cervicals (cervicis)
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