Accounting Chapter 9

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  1. the interest accrued on money borrowed
    interest expense
  2. the amount that is due on the maturity date f a note
    maturity value
  3. the day a note is issued
    date of a note
  4. the original amount of a note
    principal of a note
  5. the date a note is due
    maturity date
  6. an amount paid for the use of money for a period of time
  7. the percentage of the principal that is paif for use of the money
    interest rate of anote
  8. a written and signed promise to pay a sum of money at a specified time
    promissory note
  9. promissory notes signed by a business and given to creditors
    notes payable
  10. expenses paid in one fiscal period but not reported as expenses until a later fiscal period
    prepaid expenses
  11. an entry made at the beginning of one fiscal period to reverse an adjusting entry made in the previous fiscal period
    reversing entry
  12. expenses incurred in one fiscal period but not paid until a later fiscal period
    accrued expenses
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