Science 206-215

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  1. this is the system of an organism that provides structure, support and protection. It is composed of bone.
    skeletal system
  2. this is a simple machine that is a straight, slanted surface. A ramp is an example.
    Inclined plane
  3. this is the system of an organism that transmits messages as impulses throughout the body
    nervous system
  4. this is the energy of motion. It depends on both speed and mass.
    kinetic energy
  5. this is the action that results when a force causes an object to move in the direction of the force
  6. this is when the net force on an object is not zero. These produce a change in motion.
    unbalanced forces
  7. this refers to a substance's ability to react with other substances to create an entirely different substance.
    chemical property
  8. this is a simple machine that is double inclined plane that moves.  This is often used for cutting.
  9. this is a simple machine that in an inclined plane wrapped in a spiral. These are most commonly used as fasteners.
  10. this is energy that is caused by an object's vibrations
    sound energy
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