Pols ch.2 terms

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  1. federal system
  2. The federalist papers
  3. Federalist
  4. First continental congress
    Meeting held in Philadelphia from sept 5 to oct 26, 1774 in which 56 delegates( from every colony except Georgia) adopted a resolution in opposition to the Coersive acts
  5. Full faith and credit clause
  6. Great compromise
  7. Implied powers
  8. Mercantilism
    An economic theory designed to increase a nations wealth through the development of commercial industry and a favorable balance of trade
  9. Necessary proper clause
  10. New Jersey plan
  11. Second continental congress
    Meeting that conveyed in Philadelphia on may 10, 1775 at which it was decided that an army should be raised and george washington of virginia was named commander in chief
  12. Separation of powers
  13. Shays rebellion
    A rebellion in which an army of 1500 disgruntled and angry farmers led by Daniel Shays marched to Springfield Massachusetts, and forcibly restrained the state court from forclosing mortgages on their farms
  14. Stamp act congress
    Meeting of representative of nine of the thirteen colonies held in New York City in 1765, during which representatives drafted a document to send to the king that listed how their rights had been violated
  15. Supremacy clause
  16. Three-fiths compromise
  17. Virginia plan
  18. Anti-federalists
  19. Articles of confederation
    The compact between the thirteen original colonies that created a loose league of friendship, with the national government drawing its powers from the states
  20. Bill of rights
  21. Checks and balances
  22. Committees of correspondence
    organizations in each of the american colonies created to keep colonists abreast of developments with the British; served as powerful molders of the public opinions about the british
  23. Confederation
    Type of government in which the national government derives its powers from the states; a league of independent states
  24. Constitution
    A document establishing the structure, functions and limitations of a government
  25. Declaration of independence
    Document drafted by thomas jefferson in 1776 that proclaimed the right of the american colonies to seperate from Great Britian
  26. Enumerated powerspowers
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