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  1. consists of brain, sp cord, and nerves
    nerv sys
  2. constantly recieves signals abt changes in bd and ext environment
    nerv sys
  3. 2 systems that coordinate activities of trillions of cells
    endo, nerv sys
  4. employs chem mess (hormones) to communicate w cells
    endo sys
  5. electr signals transmit mess at lightning speed
    nerv sys
  6. 3 actions of nerv system
    sensing, integrating, responding
  7. nerv sys func that uses sense organs and nerve endings to detect changes inside and out
  8. nerv sys func that processes info, relates to past, and determines appropriate response
  9. nerv sys func that issues commands to muscles and glands to initiate changes based on that info
  10. how fast do neurons grow during fetal development
    250,000 per min
  11. 2 main divisions
    cns, pns
  12. cns relates to
    brain and sp cord
  13. pns relates to
    vast network of nerves
  14. study of nerves
  15. motor efferent transmits
    info form cns to rest of bd
  16. afferent sensory division sends
    nerve endings to cns
  17. pns afferent
  18. pns efferent
  19. afferent somatic sensory carries
    signals from skin, bones, jnts, and muscles
  20. afferent visceral sensory carries
    signals from viscera of heart, lungs, stom, and bladder
  21. efferent somatic
    vol movement skeletal muscle
  22. autonomic motor eff automatically acts to
    control bp, heart rate
  23. efferent autonomic motor 2 division
    sympathetic and para
  24. sympathetic div arouses
    bd for action
  25. parasympathetic div has a
    calming effect
  26. 2 types of cells are
    neurons and neuroglia
  27. neurons are
    excitable, impulse-conducting cells that perform work
  28. neuroglia does
    protect neurons
  29. neuroglia includes
    glial cells, supportive cells
  30. there are how many glial cells per neuron
  31. 5 major types of neuroglia
    oligodendrocytes, edendymol, micoglia, astrocytes, schwann
  32. oligodendrocytes
    form my sheath in brain and sp cord that speed signal coordination
  33. edendymol
    line sp cord and cav of brain - secretes cerebrospinal fluid
  34. microglia
    perform phago, eat microorganisms and cell debris
  35. astrocytes
    most in bd, extend thru brain tiss, nourish neurons, form bld-brain barrier, attach neurons to bld vess, and structure support
  36. schawnn
    form my sheath around pns nerves, form neurilemma
  37. have feet attached to cap/neur to funnel glucose from bldstrm to neur for nourishment
  38. join w endoth cells on walls of cap making a ___ _____ wall
    semi permeable
  39. o2, co2, and h2o allowed to cross semi perm mem in astro
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