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  1. what kind of joint is the AC? anatomically, mechanically, functionally?
    • anatomically: simple (complex when disk is present - it may or may not be present)
    • mechanically: compound plane gliding joint
    • functionally: ball and socket bc of lax capsule & disk (when present)
  2. what's the contour of acromial surface of the AC jt and which way does it face?
    • slightly convex
    • faces ant, med, sup
    • (this is up for debate)
  3. what's the contour of clavicular surface of the AC jt and which way does it face?
    • flat, slightly convex
    • post, lat, inf
    • (happily the opp of the acromion's angles, tho they're both convex)
  4. tell me about the articular disc in the AC joint?
    • present in 1/3 of pop
    • occcupies only the sup part of the jt
    • only partially separates the articular surfaces
    • rarely divides joint completely
  5. ligs all around the GH can impede the AC,  esp the ___
    coracoacromial lig - it pulls down while muscles pull clavicle
  6. if hum head is riding high + banging north -->
    • distraction at AC, no good
    • supraspinatus gets pinched
    • (I'm copying from my notes, not sure what it means now)
  7. in AC joint what'll give pain before anything else?
  8. what's the ligament with two parts that are separated by fat or bursa?
    coracoclavicular lig - conid and trapezoid parts
  9. at AC jt, what's the motion around the sagital axis?
    abd add (up/down rot) of lower end of scap around the chest wall - 20-30 degrees
  10. at AC jt, what's the motion around the vertical axis?
    winging of scap 30-50 degrees "(fine tuning)"
  11. at AC jt, what's the motion around the long axis thru the clavicle?
    • tilting of inf angle away from chest wall as in protraction
    • 30 degrees
  12. resting pos of AC jt
    arm at side (same as SC jt)
  13. close packed pos of AC jt
    upward rot of scap w arm abd to narrow the thoracic inlet (as does horiz add of the arm)

    per magee & anna: 90 degrees abd
  14. capsular pattern of AC jt
    pain w elevating arm or horiz add, limited full extension
  15. PA glide of AC jt helps what?
  16. AP glide of AC jt helps what?
  17. pain on abd or scaption could be due to what?
    • supraspinatus impingement
    • bursitis
    • labral issue (though if that it'll click and clunk)
  18. pain on extreme foward elevation at AC jt could be...?
    • impingement of supraspinatus
    • biceps
    • AC jt
    • a scap issue
  19. painful arc sign of supraspinatus?
    • pain btwn 60-120 degrees abd
    • (impingement or tendonitis)
  20. precise direction of PA glide at AC jt
    • anterolat
    • for post it looks like it's simply post
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