pharma II test II CNS stimulants

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  1. amphetamine MOA
    • release NE
    • release DA
    • release 5-HT
  2. 4 AE of amphetamines
    • CNS stimulation
    • weight loss
    • cardiovascular effects
    • psychosis
  3. MOA of amphetamines for ADHD
    Increasing attention span will decrease the random motor activity.
  4. MOA of amphetamines on DA release
    • Amph is a substrate of DAT, secondary action of indirect competition.
    • Once in the cell it inhibits MAO and also VMAT, DA isn't taken into the vesicles and accumultes intracellularly. DAT is reversible and the gradient causes the (primary action) of DA release extracellularly
  5. amphetamine action on wt loss
    loss first 6-9 mo and then rebound wt. gain
  6. Tx of amphetamine tox in GI
    activated charcoal
  7. Tx of amph. tox of sedation
    BZDs - diazepam or phenothiazine
  8. Tx of amph tox of psychosis
    chlorpromazine or haloperidol
  9. Tx of amph tox of HTN
    alpha adrenergic blocker, b blocker not first line
  10. #1 drug therapy for ADHD
    • CNS stimulant
    • ritalin
    • adderall
  11. #2 drug therapy for ADHD
    • atomoxetine¬†
    • blocks NE reuptake - a2 agonist, decreases SNS outflow, little CV effects
    • nonstimulant
    • no abuse potential
    • QD
  12. what two scenarios would atomoxetine be useful for ADHD
    • amphetamine isn't workin
    • causing excess excitability
  13. #3 drug therapy for ADHD
    • antidepressants
    • buproprion - wellbutrin
    • little effect of impulsivity and inattention
    • poses risk of seizures
  14. drug for wt loss
    combo of phentermine/topiramate
  15. drug for wt loss
    selective serotonin2C receptor agonist
    extensively metabolized in the liver
    lorcaserin - bleviq
  16. 4 Xanthine alkaloids
    • theophylline -¬†coffee, tea
    • aminophylline
    • theorbromine - cocoa
    • caffeine
  17. Xanthine MOA
    • 1. reversible blockade of adenosine receptors
    • 2. accumulation of cAMP secondary to inhibition of PPD
    • 3. calcium permeability
  18. misc CNS stimulant
    promotes wakefulness
    Tx of fatigue in MS
    enhance NE & 5HT but not conventionally
    modafinil - provigil
  19. Tx of strychnine poisoning
    IV diazepam, general anesthesia or neuromuscular block
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