Religion exam 2

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  1. Who took treasure and buried it after the Israelites conquered Jericho?
    Achan...He also gets killed for it.
  2. Who is the “Second Moses?” Why?
    Johua..Joshua parts the river takes off sandals and leads the Israelites.
  3. What is the name of the prostitute who protected the Israelite spies?
  4. Describe Deuteronomistic theology
    when israel is faithful God blesses and they prosper
  5. What are the main themes of Joshua?
    1.Joshua leads to promiseland

    2.God of Salvation Israelites

    3.finally get place of protection/promise(abrahamic)
  6. Which judge delivered the Israelites from Midean?
  7. What tradition did Joshua re-establish as a reminder of God’s power?
    Continuing passover, show god's power
  8. What tradition did Joshua re-establish as a reminder of the covenant?
  9. What books of the Old Testament cover the time before the founding of the monarchy?
    genesis to judges
  10. Who did Reheboam go to for advice?
    Sought advice from elders and young friends elders say be nice and younger say be hard...
  11. Who did Reheboam listen to for advice?
    Listened to young friends... says penis is bigger
  12. What are the two qualities of Ezra as described by Dr. Holleyman?
    scribe and priest
  13. 13. What are the two qualities of Nehemiah described by Dr. Holleyman?
    cupbearer and governor.
  14. What seven contributions are credited to Solomon? military
    • military trade-
    • capitalized landbridge

    Government- makes bureaucracy, tribe of judah not taxed construction-builds temple in 950 and his own palace(bigger)completed

    wisdom-asks for it. becomes wisest

    literature- collects and contributes wisdom literature wealth

    wives- 700 wives /300 concubines
  15. Both Ezra and Nehemiah focus on what?
    religious reform and rebuilding Israel/Jerusalem
  16. What was the Edict of Cyrus?
    Persian empire people come back 538
  17. What was the dominant tribe of the Northern Kingdom?
  18. Who was the first king of Judah?
  19. What is the definition of ‘Diaspora?’
    Scatter of People
  20. Who lead the Israelite people after Moses?
  21. What was the main conflict in David versus Goliath?
    Mock God of Israel/Israelites
  22. During the reign of Solomon, how was the military improved?
    Calvary- technology

    More warriors, because didn't have to fight
  23. How many wives did Solomon have? How many concubines?
    • 700 wives
    • 300 concubines
  24. What was the parable Nathan told David?
    Rich man steals from poor man.
  25. What were the three concerns of Ezra and Nehemiah?
    2nd Temple


  26. What contributions are related to David?
    regional/political dominance

    set jerusalem as capitol

    reserve religious identity
  27. Why is the Messianic Hope associated with David?
    The Messiah will come through his lineage
  28. In the assessment of David’s reign, what two things were evaluated?
    Equality and Military
  29. What does dynasty mean?
    Family that rules the kingdom
  30. What does hesed mean?
    sacrificial love/love w/o ceasing
  31. Why does Nathan initially agree with David’s idea to build God a house?
    Whatever David does the Lord seems to favor
  32. Why wouldn’t God let David build him a temple?
    He has too much blood on his hands also God didn't want one at that time/content with tent
  33. What are the four parts of the Davidic covenant?
    • Great Name
    • Place of Peace
    • Dynasty
    • Discipline w/o withdrawing love(Hesed)
  34. Who killed Amnon?
  35. Who wins between Absalom and David?
    David eventually
  36. Why does David flee?
    Safety from Absalom(gathers disgruntled ppl to rise up against david)
  37. What is Tamar considered after she is raped?
    She is tainted/desolate
  38. Who rapes Tamar?
  39. What are the punishments for David’s involvement with Bathsheba?
    Sword never departs-his children kill each other

    death of his child- happens immediately(david and bathsheba's first child)

    neighbor will sleep with his wives in public view-Absalom sleeps with david's wives in tent after he take over
  40. Who is Tamar?
    David's daughter that is raped
  41. What was the name of Bathsheba’s husband?
    Uria the Hitite
  42. 42. What were the three main punishments that David received for his actions with Bathsheba?
    sword will never depart

    sleep with wives

    death of child
  43. What should David have been charged with if in a legal court?
    Adultery and Murder
  44. What did Nathan use to confront David about his actions?
    rich and poor man sheep parable
  45. Who is Bathsheba’s son?
  46. How long did David reign?
    • 7 years over Judah
    • 33 over all Israel 40 total
  47. Who is Joab loyal to?
    David's commander
  48. Who killed Abner? Why?
    Joab and his brother murdered Abner, because Abner kills Joab's brother(asahel)
  49. What does Zion mean?
    City of David
  50. What is the first step of making the city of David a holy place?
    Brings ark of covenant
  51. How many spies does Joshua send to survey Jericho?
  52. What are variations of the name Joshua?
    Jesus and Hosea
  53. What is the ark of the covenant a symbol of?
    Presence of God
  54. What happens at Gilgal?
    Saul oversteps samuel by offering the sacrifice(not sauls job)
  55. Why is Jericho devoted/dedicated to destruction? What does this mean?
    Because everything is destroyed,

    because it is the first city It means destroy everything...
  56. During which period do the Israelites begin to become a settled people?
  57. What does shophet mean?
  58. Who is Deborah?
    Girl Judge
  59. What is the typical Israelite cycle during the period of Judges?
    Israel is unfaithful, oppression for years, israel cries out, lord raises deliver/judge, israel rests for years, judge dies and cycle continues....when judge dies they go away until god sends another judge.
  60. Who was Gideon? Describe his story.
    Judge that has fleece to protect. They want Gideon to be king but he declined( it wasn't God's will)
  61. 61. What is meant by the term deuteronomistic assessment? Way to determine if the covenant is
  62. What is the assessment at the end of Judges?
    There was a king that wasn't faithful "In the last days there was no king"
  63. During what season is the story of Ruth traditionally told?
    Harvest....called a festival scroll
  64. What does goel mean?
  65. Who are the main characters in Ruth?
    naomi, ruth, oprah, boaz, eliminech, son obed father of jesse
  66. What is Ruth the bridge between?
    bridge between lineage of David period of judges to period of kings...
  67. What does Bethlehem mean?
    house of bread
  68. Why do Naomi and Elimelech go to Moab?
    Ain't no bread in the house of bread....famine
  69. Who dies at the beginning of Ruth?
    Eliminech....Husband of Ruth
  70. What does the name Mara mean?
    Bitter Naomi means pleasant
  71. What is a kinsman redeemer?
    When a husband dies wife marries kinsman....Boaz was one
  72. Ruth’s speech to Naomi is an example of what?
    Covenant Commitment
  73. Whose field does Ruth go to?
  74. Where does Naomi send Ruth after she meets Boaz?
    His Threshing Floor
  75. Is Boaz the first in line kinsman redeemer?
  76. What is the name of Ruth and Boaz’s baby?
  77. What is the lineage given in Ruth?
    David's line....Obed----Jesse----David
  78. Which books of the Old Testament are kept as one book in the Hebrew Bible?
    Samuel, Kings, Ezra/Nehemiah, Chronicles
  79. What advantages do the Philistines have over the Israelites?
    They better government/more advanced, had smiths, Iraelites had to go ask israelites for weapons
  80. Who is Hannah?
    mom of samuel, barron before she has him
  81. Who is Eli? What is his downfall?
    High priest at Shiloh Has two evil sons(Samuel also has 2 evil sons)
  82. Who is Samuel?
    Prophet and Judge who annoint bot Saul and David as King of Israel Last Judge(First is Joshua)
  83. What does Samuel say in response to the people’s request for a king?
    He says kings will be "TAKERS NOT GIVERS"
  84. Why do the Israelite people want a king?
    Because "everybody else has one"
  85. Who is the first Israelite king?
  86. Why is Saul chosen as king?
    Biggest and most handsome
  87. Why does he fail as king?
    He was unrighteous
  88. What 2 stories are examples of his failure?
    Gilgal battle vs. amalichites(sets up monument for himself after and does not dedicate to destruction)
  89. Who does Samuel anoint as the second king of Israel?
  90. Why is he chosen as king?
    God picked him
  91. What jobs does David have in the Saul’s kingdom?
    Played harp and was a commander in his army
  92. Describe the David and Goliath story.
    What is the main conflict in David’s eyes?
  93. Who favors David over Saul?
    God and nation of Israel
  94. How does the David versus Saul story end?
    Saul dies and David becomes king
  95. What tribe is David king of? How long?
    He king of Judah 7
  96. Who are the rulers during the Israelite civil war?
    (military and monarchy) David (Commander is Joab)vs. Ishbaal(Commander is Abner) there is also a war Reheboam vs Jereboam
  97. How does this war end?
  98. Who is Nathan?
    Prophet that confronts David
  99. Why can’t David build the temple?
    Too much blood on his hands
  100. Name the four parts of the Davidic Covenant.
  101. Who wrote Ezra & Nehemiah?
    The Chronicler
  102. Who wanted the ark of the covenant to have a permanent dwelling?
  103. How do the men of Tamar’s family treat her rape?
    David does not punish for Absalom steps up and kill Amnon(Raper)
  104. Who takes revenge for Tamar?
  105. How does Kings begin? With which event does it end?
    • traces Solomon's rise to kingship/David's death
    • Ends after temple is detroyed In the 37th year he spoke kindly to him and spoke good of him Jehoiachin is comfortable in Babylon and Brings hope
  106. The prophets demonstrate a ___ and ___ pattern.
    Prediction/Prophecy and fulfillment
  107. What is the deuteronomistic assessment of Solomon?
    Solomon had too many wives(brought foreign gods)
  108. Who are all the kings compared to?
    David!!! is the man
  109. How many kings, dynasties, and years is the Northern kingdom?
    lots of kings and lots of dynasties for a short amount of time....unstable southern kingdom is stable (one dynasty)
  110. 111. Who are Ahab and Jezebel?
    Ahab is king of N.Kingdom(HE is bad wife is Jezebel)
  111. Who is Elijah?
    Healer, miralce maker, prophet of Northern Kingdom
  112. Who defeats the Northern kingdom?
    Assyria in 721!!
  113. Who were the kings listed by Dr. Holleyman in the Southern kingdom and their traits?
    Hezekiah(most faithful)

    Menasah(Worst KIng, child sacrifice)

    Josia(Finds book of Law and restores passover, covenant, and reforms religion, killed by neco the pharaoh)

    Jehoiachin(Ends Kings in Babylon)

    last king of southern tribe is zedekiah
  114. Who is the leader who conquered the Southern Kingdom? What nation did he lead?
    Babylon is the nation and Nebekanezzar
  115. Who wrote the Chronicles material?
  116. 119. Ezra and Nehemiah are the counter voice to which other book of the Bible?
    Ruth .....They say you can't have foreign wives
  117. What is the focus of Chronicles?
    Worship and Priestly material
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