Male Genitalia

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  1. adhesions
    inflammatory bands that connect opposing serous surfaces
  2. balanitis
    inflammation of the glans
  3. chordee
    ventral curvature of the penis
  4. circumcision
    surgical removal of the prepuce
  5. cremasteric
    reflex characterized by rising of the scrotum and testicle when the inner thigh is stroked
  6. cryptorchidism
    undescended testes
  7. epididymitis
    inflammation of the epididymis
  8. escutcheon
    pattern of hair growth on the male pubis and abdomen
  9. glans
    conical structure at the distal aspect of the penis
  10. hernia
    protrusion of a peritoneal-lined sac through some defect in the abdominal wall
  11. hydrocele
    fluid accumulation in the tunica vaginalis resulting in a nontender, smooth, firm mass
  12. hypospadias
    congenital defect in which the urethral meatus is located on the ventral surface of the glans penile shaft or the base of the penis
  13. lymphogranuloma venereum
    STI of the lymphatics
  14. molluscum contagiosum
    benign skin infection
  15. orchitis
    acute inflammation of the testis secondary to infection
  16. paraphimosis
    inability to replace the foreskin to its usual position after it has been retracted behind the glans
  17. peyronie
    disease characterized by a fibrous band in the corpus cavernosum
  18. phimosis
    narrowness of the opening of the prepuce, preventing its being drawn back over the glans
  19. priapism
    prolonged penile ereciton
  20. spermatocele
    cystic swelling on the epididymis
  21. testicular torsion
    rotation producing ischemia of testis
  22. variocele
    abnormal turtuosity and dilation of veins in the spermatic cord
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