anatomy exam 2

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  1. release secretions into the interstitial fluid
    endocrine glands
  2. release secretions through ducts to the epithelial surphase
    Exocrine glands
  3. Glands in the dermis
    • 1. sebacceous glands
    • 2. sudoriferous glands
    • 3. Ceruminous glands
  4. Which gland secetes sebum (skin oil). What is the purpose of this gland?
    • Sebacceous glands.
    • -Lubricate
    • -Waterproof
    • -anti-bacterial
  5. Which gland in the dermis secretes sweat? Which aids in...?
    Sudoriferous glands. ....temp regulation
  6. Which gland in the dermis secretes ear wax (cerumen)? What is this glands purpose?
    Ceruminous glands. Protects external ear canal. Is anti-bacterial and water-proof
  7. What are the 3 types of Connective Tissue Fibers?
    • Collagen Fibers
    • Reticular Fibers
    • Elastic Fibers
  8. Which CT fibers is long, straight, unbranched and most common in CT proper. (Tendons & Ligaments). Flexable
    Collagen Fibers
  9. Branches Connective Tissue Fibers that are tough and flexible.
    Reticular Fibers
  10. Which CT fibers are branched and wavy. Stretch then go back to original length.
    Elastic Fibers.
  11. What is the cystol?
    The intracellular fluid. High K and low Na concerntration
  12. Extracellular fluid
    Flow K and high Na
  13. What allows you to pull a sheet of skin off of sunburn? What type of protein?
    Anchoring Protein
  14. Primary enzyme in skin?
  15. What binds and responds to ligands.? Which triggers a response inside the cell
    Receptor Proteins
  16. What transports specific solute through the membrane. ? What type of protein?
    Carrier protein
  17. What breaks down fatty acids through oxidation? Which also replicates cell by division
  18. nonmembranous means...
    no phospholipid bilayer
  19. _______ take from Rough ER
    Golgi Apparatus
  20. What is the "power house" of the cell?
  21. How does things move inside of a cell?
    from high concentration to low concentration
  22. What is aka the subcutaneous layer of superficail fascia?
    Hypodermis Layer
  23. What is the hypodermis layer made of? And what does in contain?
    Loose CT (areolar CT and adipose tissue). Contains larger blood vessels.
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