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  1. Vaporization
    The process in which liquids are converted to a gas or vapor.
  2. Best way to extinguish class B liquid fires.
    Coating the liquid with an agent(foam) so that the liquid vapors cannot escape and mix with air.
  3. Vapor pressure in a closed container
    When liquids are held in a closed vessel that is being heated, the liquid inside will eventually boil.
  4. BLEVE
    The explosive release of the overcome of pressure against the container holding the flammable liquid.
  5. VTR
    Violent tank rupture which occurs with nonflammable materials.
  6. Dangers of a BLEVE
    • Fireball can engulf responders and exposures
    • Metal parts of the tank can fly considerable distance surrounding area nad be ignited
    • The shock wave, air blast, or flying metal parts created by a BLEVE can collapse buildings or move responders and equipment
  7. Fire flow requirement
    The amount of water required for putting out the fire.
  8. Static pressure
    The pressure in the system with no hydrants or water flowing
  9. Residual pressure
    Pressure in a system after water has begun flowing
  10. How often to test hose
    prior to being placed in use and retested annually during its lifetime. Also should be tested after being damaged and after repairs have been made.
  11. Hose Testing
    A destructive process that identifies weak hose by causing it to burst
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