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  1. Absolute Pressure
    The sum of Gauge pressure and Atmospheric pressure
  2. Absolute Zero
    • The temperature at which all molecular and thermal activity ceases
    • 0 degrees K
    • -273 degrees C
  3. Accuracy
    Conformity to an indicated, standard or true value, usually expressed in percentage of deviation (of span)
  4. Actuator
    That part of an Final Control element that converts a signal into a forced action
  5. Algorithm
    The set of instructions executed by the CPU
  6. Ambient Compensation
    • 1) The design of an instrument is such that the surrounding temperature of the device does not effect the reading
    • 2) Compensation for ambient conditions when mounting an instrument
  7. Amplification
    A dimensionless ratio of Output/Input in a device intended to have this ratio greater than unity
  8. Amplifier
    A device whose output is an enlarged reproduction of the input, whose output is sourced from other than the input
  9. Analog
    A continuous operational signal
  10. Analog Output
    A signal that is a continuous function of the measured parameter
  11. Analog to digital converter
    A device or circuit that outputs a binary number corresponding to an analog input signal
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