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  1. How long do sleep cycles last?
    90 minutes
  2. What occurs during stage 1 of the sleep cycle?
    • transition between wake and sleep
    • lasts fiew minutes
    • rapid and low brain waves
  3. What occurs during stage 2 of the sleep cycle?
    • slower more regular wave paterns
    • occational dips in the pictures
    • makes up half of the sleep of people in their early 20s
  4. What occurs during stage 3 of the sleep cycle?
    slow brain waves with greater peaks and valleys
  5. What occurs during stage 4 of the sleep cycle?
    • least responsive to outside stimulation
    • slower more regular brain waves
  6. when does stage 3 and 4 dominate in the night?
    first half
  7. when does stage 1 and 2 dominate?
    2nd half
  8. What is manifest content?
    storyline of a dream
  9. what is latent content?
    unerlying meaning of the dream
  10. What is activation-synthesis?
    • brain produces random elect. activity during REM
    • that stimulates random memories in the dream
  11. What is narcolepsy?
    • uncontrollable sleeping that occurs for short periods of time
    • person goes from wake to REM sleep
  12. When do night terrors accur?
    • during stage 4
    • sleeping is easy after
  13. when oes nightmares occur?
    during REM sleep
  14. What is circadian rythms?
    • a biological process that repeats in 24 hour cycles
    • ex. sleeping, waking body temps, hormones
  15. What is seasonal affective disorder?
    form of depression during the winter and lifts during the rest of the year
  16. What is a psychoative drug?
    a drug that influences a persons emotions, perceptions, and behavior
  17. What is the most common drug of highschoolers?
    • alcohol 43%
    • mj 34%
    • cigs. 20%
  18. What do narcotics do?
    • increase relation and releive pain
    • heroin
  19. What constitutes binge drinking in men and women?
    • 5 drinks in 1 sitting for males
    • 4 drinks in 1 sitting for females
  20. What is rohypnol?
    date rape drug
  21. What is methadone?
    • a treatment for heroin users
    • patient ends up with a need for methadone. s

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