Geography Terms Test 2

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  1. The Canadian Shield
    • covers about 1/2 of Canada
    • the Horseshoe around the Hudson Bay
    • Lakes, resources, etc.
    • Thin soil from glaciation
  2. Nunavut
    • a new territory in the Arctic Islands
    • home of the Inuit
  3. Inuit
    • Formerly Eskimo
    • Make up 1.5 % of the population
    • live in the territory of Nanavut
  4. Francaphone
    • French is spoken by 25% of the peopleĀ 
    • Quebec
  5. Main Street
    • The core area
    • Quebec to Hamilton and Windsor
    • 60% of total population
  6. Post industrial era
    • changing from heavy industry to high tech
    • Canada
  7. NAFTA
    • North American Free Trade Agreement
    • originally Canada, U.S. and Mexico
  8. Rain shadow effect
    • high mountains in the west create a shadow of dryness
    • Canada
  9. Megalopolis
    • metropolitan areas growing together (touching)
    • Eastern U.S.
  10. Fragmented state/country
    • a country with two or more parts separated by foreign soil and/or water
    • U.S.
  11. Comparative advantage
    • each state grows what is to their advantage
    • Iowa- corn
  12. arable
    • usable for ag
    • Austrailia
  13. aboriginals
    original people in Austrailia
  14. White Australia Policy
    • only those of British origin could come in- ended in 1976
    • Australia
  15. Double cropping
    • growing two crops on the same land
    • Japan
  16. Sunshine policy
    a "ray of sunshine" referring to the time that North and South Korea met at the same time
  17. Appalachian area
    • the physical geography and culture of the Ozarks is imilar to this area because many of the people came from there (hills, language, music, etc.)
    • Ozarks
  18. Rustbelt
    • the decline of the steel industry
    • Pittsburg
  19. Great Barrier Reef
    • largest coral reef in the world
    • Australia
  20. Pastoral economy
    • grazing land year round
    • New Zealand
  21. Maori
    • original people in New Zealand before the European invasion and take over
    • New Zealand

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