Med term 6

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  1. artificial insemination (donor's sperm
  2. artificial insemination (husband's sperm)
  3. benign prostatic hyperplasia (hypertrophy)
  4. carcinoma in situ
  5. cystoscopy
  6. dilation and currettage
  7. end-stage renal disease
  8. female
    F, ♀
  9. gynecology (ist)
  10. hysterosolpingogram
  11. intravenous pyelogram
  12. kidney ureter bladder
  13. male
    M, ♂
  14. doctor of medicine
  15. Papanicolaou test (smear)
  16. pelvic inflammatory disease
  17. prostate specific antigen
  18. retrograde pyelogram
  19. specific gravity
    sp gr, SpG
  20. total abdominal hysterectomy
  21. testicular self-exam
  22. transurethral resection (prostate)
    TUR (P)
  23. urinalysis
  24. urinary tract infection
  25. antineoplastic
    agent that works against tumor growth
  26. anuria
    unable to produce urine
  27. balanoplasty
    surgical repair of the glans penis
  28. balanorrhea
    discharge from the glans penis
  29. cervical
    pertaining to the neck and cervix
  30. cervicitis
    inflammation of the cervix
  31. cholelithiasis
    infestation with gallstones
  32. copalgia
    vaginal pain
  33. colpitis
    inflammation of the vagina
  34. colpopathy
    any disease of the vagina
  35. colpoptosis
    prolapse of the vagina
  36. colposcope
    instrument used to examine the vagina and cervix
  37. colposcopy
    the process of using a colposcope to examine tissues of vagina and cervix
  38. colpotomy
    incision into the vaginal wall
  39. conization
    excision of a cone-shaped endocervical tissue
  40. cryptorchidism
    condition of an undescended testis
  41. cystorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the bladder
  42. cystorrhaphy
    suturing of the urinary bladder
  43. dermatorrhaphy
    suturing of the skin
  44. dysplasia
    abnormal development that may be cancerous
  45. dysuria
    difficult, painful urination
  46. endocervical
    inside the cervix
  47. endometriosis
    condition of endometrial tissue growing outside of the endometrium
  48. endometritis
    inflammation of the endometrium
  49. glycosuria
    glucose (sugar) in the urine
  50. gynecoid
    resembling a woman or female structures
  51. gynecologist
    physician specialist in health issues related to female reproductive organs and the breasts
  52. gynecology
    the science of studying diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breast
  53. gynecopathy
    any disease peculiar to women
  54. gyneophobia
    abnormal fear of women
  55. hematuria
    blood in urine
  56. hemorrhage
  57. hysterectomy
    excision of the uterus
  58. hysteropathy
    any disease of the uterus
  59. hysteropexy
    fixation of a prolapsed uterus
  60. hysteroslpingogram
    x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes (uses contrast media)
  61. hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy
    total abdominal hysterectomy
  62. hysteroscope
    instrument used to examine the inside of the uterus closely
  63. hysteroscopy
    the process of using a hysteroscope
  64. menorrhagia
    abnormally excessive menstruation
  65. metrocele
    herniation of uterine tissues (hysterocele)
  66. metropathy
    any disease of the uterine tissues
  67. metrorrhea
    discharge from the uterine tissues
  68. nephritis
    inflammation of the kidney
  69. nephrolith
    kidney stone
  70. nephromalacia
    softening of kidney tissue
  71. nephromegaly
    enlargement of a kidney
  72. nephropexy
    surgical fixation of a prolapsed kidney
  73. nephroptosis
    prolapsed or displaced kidney
  74. nephroorrhaphy
    suturing of kidney tissue
  75. neurorrhaphy
    suturing of a nerve
  76. nocturia
    excessive urination at night
  77. oliguria
    abnormally low amount of urine
  78. oogenesis
    formation of ova
  79. oophorectomy
    excision of an ovary
  80. oophoritis
    inflammation of an ovary
  81. oophoroma
    tumor of an ovary
  82. oophoropexy
    surgical fixation of a prolapsed ovary
  83. oophoroptosis
    prolapsed ovary
  84. orchidalgia
    testicular pain
  85. orchidectomy
    excision of a testis
  86. orchidocele
    herniation of the testes
  87. orchidoptosis
    prolapsed condition of a testis
  88. orchioplasty
    surgical repair of the testes
  89. orchiotomy
    incision into a testis
  90. penile
    pertaining to the penis
  91. penitis
    inflammation of the penis
  92. penoscrotal
    pertaining to the penis and scrotum
  93. polyarthritis
    inflammation of many joints
  94. polycystic
    having many cysts
  95. polyneuritis
    inflammation of many nerves
  96. polyotia
    having more than two ears
  97. polyphagia
    excessive hunger and eating
  98. polyphobia
    having many fears
  99. polyuria
    abnormally excessive urination
  100. prostatalgia
    prostate pain
  101. prostatectomy
    excision of the prostate
  102. prostatitis
    inflammation of the prostate gland
  103. prostatorrhea
    discharge from the prostate
  104. pyelitis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  105. pyelogram
    x-ray of the renal pelvis
  106. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis and the kidney
  107. pyeloplasty
    surgical repair of the renal pelvis
  108. renal
    pertaining to the kidney
  109. renogastric
    pertaining to the kidney and stomach
  110. renogram
    x-ray of the kidney
  111. renointestinal
    pertaining to the kidney and intestine
  112. renopathy
    any disease of the kidney
  113. salpingectomy
    excision of a fallopian tube
  114. salpingitis
    inflammation of the fallopian tubes
  115. salpingo-oophoritis
    inflammation of the ovary and fallopian tube
  116. salpingo-oophorocele
    herniation of the ovary and fallopian tube
  117. salpingostomy
    forming a new opening in the fallopian tube
  118. scrotum
    saclike structure containing the testes
  119. seminal
    pertaining to semen
  120. seminoma
    tumor containing sperm
  121. spermatoblast
    immature sperm cell
  122. spermatocele
    a herniated sec-like structure in the scrotum containing sperm
  123. spermatocyst
    saclike structure containing sperm
  124. spermatoid
    resembling sperm
  125. spermatolysis
    destruction of sperm
  126. spermatopathy
    any disease of the sperm
  127. spermicide
    agent that kills sperm
  128. testicular
    pertaining to the testes
  129. ureters
    tubes from kidneys to bladder
  130. ureterocele
    herniation of the ureter
  131. ureterocystostomy
    procedure to from a new opening between the ureter and the urinary bladder
  132. ureterolith
    stone in the ureter
  133. ureteropathy
    any disease involving the ureter
  134. ureteropyelitis
    inflammation of the ureter and the renal pelvis
  135. ureteropyosis
    condition of pus in the ureter
  136. ureterorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the ureter
  137. ureterorrhaphy
    suturing of the ureter
  138. urethra
    tube from bladder to urinary meatus
  139. urethrocystitis
    inflammation of the urethra and urinary bladder
  140. urethroorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the urethra
  141. urethrorrhaphy
    suturing of the urethra
  142. urethrospasm
    spasm of the muscles of the urethra
  143. urethrotomy
    incision into the urethra
  144. urogenital
    pertaining to the urinary tract and genitals
  145. urologist
    physician specialist in disorders of the urinary and male reproductive systems
  146. urology
    the medical specialty that studies the urinary system
  147. uropathy
    any disease of the urinary system
  148. uterine
    pertaining to the uterus
  149. vasectomy
    excision of the vas deferens (for sterilization)
  150. vasoconstriction
    decrease in vessel diameter
  151. vasodilation
    increase in vessel diameter
  152. vasorrhaphy
    suturing of vessel or vas deferens
  153. vasostomy
    procedure to make a new opening in the vas deferens
  154. vasotomy
    incision into the vas deferens
  155. vasotripsy
    surgical crushing of a vessel
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