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  1. aerotolerant anaerobes
    do not utilize oxygen but can survive and grow to a limited extent in its presence grows equally well in both enviroments
  2. all microbes require
    carbon dioxide in their metabolism
  3. obligate acidophiles
    require high acidity
  4. majority PH
    6 and 8
  5. osmophiles
    live in habitats with high solute concentration
  6. halophiles
    prefer higher concentration of salt 
  7. symbiosis
    two organisms live together in close partnership
  8. mutualism
    when organisms live in a obligatory but mutual beneficial relationship
  9. commensalism
    receives benefits, while it coinhabitant is neither harmed nor benefited often refered to as normal biota 
  10. parasitism
    a relationship in which the host organism provides the parasitic microbe with nutrients and a habitat; the host is harmed and the parasite benefits
  11. nonsymbiotic relationship
    oragnisms are free living and relationships are not required for survival
  12. synergism
    interrelationship between two or more free living organisms that benefits them but is not necessary for their survival
  13. antagonism
    an association between free-living species that arise when members of a community compete
  14. rate of growth
    generation or doubling time  increases by a factor of 2
  15. growth curve stages 
    • lag phase
    • exponential growth phase
    • stationary growth phase
    • death phase
  16. lag phase
    relativity flat

    cells are not yet multiplying at max
  17. exponential growth phase 
    • growth curve increases
    • cells reach the max rate of cell division
    • will continue as long as cells have adequate nutrients and fav enviroment
  18. statioary phase
    population enters survival mode which cells stop growing or growm slowly

    • rate of cell death balances rate of multiplication 
    • depleted nutrients
  19. death phase
    curve dips downward

    cells die at exponential rate
  20. coulter counter
    electronically scans culture as it passes through a tiny pipette
  21. turbidometry
    a tube of clear nutrients solution becomes turbid as microbes grow in it 
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