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  1. Marshall Plan
    plan to rebuild the war torn Europe
  2. Monroe Doctrine
    Big Brother of the W. Hemisphere
  3. Truman Doctrine
    Big Brother of the world
  4. State Department
    Sec. of State
  5. Passport
    U.S gives to US citizens to travel
  6. visa
    gives this to foreigners to travel here
  7. Ambassador
    • right of legation
    • Diplomatic Immunity-can't be taxed or held for crimess
  8. 4 Branches of Military
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Airforce
    • Marine
  9. CIA
    • gather all information on foreign affairs
    • analyze and evaluate info
    • report it back to the departments
  10. NASA
    national Aeronautics and Space Administration
  11. Deterence
    being so strong no one will attack
  12. Containment
    contain communisms
  13. Isolationism
    150 years
  14. Defense Department
    • Sec. of Defense  Chuck Hagel 
    • pentagon is home
  15. Joint Chief of staff
    • Chairman
    • Army Chief 
    • Chief of Naval Operations
    • Commander of Marine Corps
    • Airforce Chief
  16. What sparked the cold war?
    Berlin Blockade
  17. 2 conflicts of the Cold War
    • U-2 spy plane
    • Bay of Pigs
  18. NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization- attack one attack all
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