Symbolic Interactionism

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  1. Symbolic Interaction:
    The ongoing use of language and gestures in anticipation of how the other will react; a conversation.
  2. George Herbert Mead
    meaning arises from people interacting verbally and nonverbally with one another.  Through action and response we assign meaning to words and actions.
  3. Blumer
    • people act toward people or things on the basis of the meaning they assign those people or things.  Once people define a situation as real, it's very real in its consequences.
    • *(If you assign a girl as a witch/mean, you are going to act to her in a certain way. If you assign dogs as cute, you're going to act towards them as cute. If you are scares of rats, all rats are scary =consequence).
  4. Meaning:
    • is an outcome of communication, of interaction with others.  Meaning is not inherent to objects but negotiated through language. Naming is crucial in this regard. Symbolic naming is the basis for human society. Humans act toward people or things on the basis of the meaning they assign to those people or things. Meaning arises through social interaction.  
    • -It's only by talking with others -symbolic interaction -that we are able to ascribe meaning.
  5. Thinking:
    is when an individual’s interpretation of symbols is modified by his or her own thought processes. This is an inner conversation called minding.   
  6. Minding:
    is hesitating or pausing to interpret a situation. It's not a thing. It’s a process. It's interacting with yourself.
  7. Role taking:
    is assuming the perspective of others. (looking through someone else's perspective).
  8. Self:
    You have a self because you can respond to it as an object.  The self is composed of the I and the me.
  9. I
    • is the impulsive doer.
    • -The subjective self; the spontaneous driving force that fosters all that is novel, unpredictable, and unorganized in the self.
    • -"Born with."
    • -creative.
    • -antisocial (I want what I want).
    • -Doer (action oriented).
  10. Me
    • is the censoring component made up of the generalized other. There is no me at birth. It is formed through interaction with others.
    • -The objective self;the image of self seen when one takes the role of the other.
    • -"Censoring agent."
    • -it's the yes & no to all the I's.
    • -not creative.
  11. Generalized other:
    • a composite perspective (built from others reflected responses to you) from which you see yourself. (how you see yourself through others perspective).
    • -we contribute to others generalize others, how you respond to others.
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