Peds Infectious Disease 2, Exam 3

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  1. How is Dengue Fever spread?
  2. What are symptoms of Dengue Fever? (8)
    -Fever, rash, H/A, hepatitis, UGI bledding, pneumonia, splenic rupture, encephalopathy
  3. How is Dengue Fever diagnosed?
    Viral Culture
  4. What is the treatment for Dengue Fever?
  5. Discuss Human Herpesvirus 8.
    • Spectrum of symptoms, blood dyscrasias, hepatic failure
    • -Associated with Kaposi Syndrome, HIV
    • -Txt- supportive
  6. How is Hantavirus spread?
  7. What are symptoms of Hantavirus?
    • -hemorrhagic fever w/ renal syndrome, pulm. edema/pulmonary syndrome
    • -Non-specific prodrome (fever, chills, malaise)
    • -Severe symptoms in 3-7 days
  8. T or F.  Treatment virus for Hantavirus is supportive.
    False, needs hospitalization
  9. What is the virus that causes Mono?
    Epstein-Barr Virus
  10. How is Mono spread?
    Oral secretions, close personal contact
  11. Symptoms of Mono?
    -Fever, exudative pharyngitis, lymphadenopathy, big spleen, fatigue, malaise, nausea, abdominal pain, myalgia
  12. What are some complications of the E-B virus?
    -Splenic rupture, Guillian-Barre, hemolytic anemia
  13. What is the Diagnosis for Mono?
    • -Atypical WBC
    • -Serologic testing
    • -Mono spot may be positive until > 1week
  14. T or F.  Treatment for Mono is supportive?
    True, steroids if enlarging tonsils constricting airway
  15. How do pinworms spread?
    Oral-fecal--> eggs laid at anus which are transmitted by fingers to bedding/toys (gross!)
  16. What are symptoms of pinworms?
    -Perianal itching, vaginal pruritis, teeth grinding at night, enuresis (bed wetting)
  17. What is diagnosis of pinworms?
    -worm visualization, transparent tape in AM
  18. What is classic symptom of Malaria?
    • -Paroxysmal high fever with chills >10-12hr, break if fever w/ profuse sweating
    • -Waxing/waining fevers and feeling (occurs when RBC rupture release merozoites into blood)
  19. What are 3 clinical symptoms of P vivax?
    • 1. Hypersplenism
    • 2. Anemia
    • 3. Relapse (lays dormant)
  20. What are 2 symptoms of P. malaraie?
    • 1. Nephrotic syndrome
    • 2. chronic asymptomatic parasitemia
  21. What are symptoms of P Fal?
    • 1. Neuro
    • 2. Severe anemia
    • 3. hypoglycemia
    • 4. Respiratory
    • 5. Renal failure
    • 6. Shock
  22. T or F. Is 1st test for Malaria is neg, should retest every 12hrs for 72hr.

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