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  1. swichers name
    ross vision 2M switcher
  2. routing in pre pro
    VT 13 into B IN A and VT 17 into B IN B
  3. the four keyers on MLE 2 keyer panel
    • KEY 1-LEX 1, KEY 2-LEX 2, KEY 3- MX 1
    • check keyer window to verify source
  4. rate for mix/mle2
    press MLE RATE, then 15, Enter
  5. rate for Keys
    press KEY RATE, then 7.5, Enter
  6. rate for fade to black
    press FADE RATE, 20, Enter
  7. rate for MLE 1
    hold MLE RATE+MLE 1 at same time, 15, Enter
  8. window with frame rates
    M=MLE 2 D=downstream key F=Fade to black
  9. how to build an over the shoulder box
    punch up background into MLE 1 PREVIEW and PROGRAM bus, put MLE 1 in PREVIEW and SAFE TITLE in PRV OVERLAY, cut in key 1, press PST PAT (FLY KEY will also light up), size, DVE S+T press up one, add border, copy key, move HOR knob to move, assign correct sources
  10. style of switching
    NEXT TRANSITION: BACKGROUND is the full screen image, KEY is what goes in front of background
  11. Ross can use ____ to have multiple effects ready to go on air
    • 1 ME
    • BGR/KEY 1/KEY 2/KEY 3/KEY 4
    • (BGR-full screen input selected on PREVIEW bus)
  12. Transition Panel
    BGR pressed, Key # pressed-key will transition on AUTO TRANS or TAKE
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