History of L.A. "Islam"

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  1. Water God
    The 4 rivers of life. Often associated with sacred trees symbolizing growth toward heavens, constant change.
  2. Pairi-daeza
    "Around wall" paradise, walled garden
  3. Garden evidence
    Poetry describing gardens, paintings and persian carpets.
  4. Chaharbagh
    Quartered squares, The fourfold paradise and its ramification. 4 quartered garden
  5. Elements of the Persian Paradise
    Water, trees, central raised element, four rivers of life- the chaharbagh
  6. Water to persian life
    crucial, sacred
  7. trees
    sacred, axis mundi
  8. central raised element
    sometimes a raised pavillion
  9. Muhammad (the koran)
    Forbade dipictions of humans or animals... thats why we see a lot of plants and geometry
  10. Islamic adaptions of the persian garden
    Calligraphy-stylized script, geometry, ablution, the brimming pool, (cleansing before prayer Image Upload 1
  11. The Bagh-i-Fin
    One of the oldest gardens in iran. Piped water from mtns underground, walled off to prevent wind, Tile lined channels (4 Rivers). Drop in temperature and increase in humidity in contrast to desert. Water body covered by pavillion, Plane trees and cypress trees
  12. The rose
    represented a drop of perspiration from muhamid's forehead
  13. The moghul tomb garden
    People of great wealth, to be buried in. Used throughout their lives for parties and events.
  14. Taj Mahal
    Built by Shah Jahan for his favorite wife. Note the decorative curbing.
  15. What are the two types of Moghul gardens
    The tomb garden and the pleasure garden.
  16. The pleasure garden
    used the chador, and decorative curbing. Example: Shalimar Gardens, Lahore
  17. The chador
    water veil, water flowed over surface of concrete or brick.
  18. Decorative curbing
    Used to put floral design in the middle. Some were sunken for orange trees
  19. Decorative niches
    for lanterns and flowers
  20. Image Upload 2
    Shalimar Gardens, Lahore
  21. Moorish gardens of spain
    Still islam garden, not overuse of water, minimal
  22. Alcazar gardens, Seville spain
    Sequence of rooms, very green aromatics, not much floral, Court of the maidens (sunken). Filigree arches and sunken paving- attention to detail. Water-minimal usage for maximum effect
  23. Cordoba
    Court of the oranges (moorish) 750AD, cathedral... Columns of arches to tree trunks are on the same grid. Good indoor outdoor relationship.
  24. The Alhambra in Granada
    Fortress rising above the city. Court of the myrtles, Court of the lions
  25. Image Upload 3
    Court of the Mtrtles. Shallow pool painted black, had a reflective quality.
  26. Filigree
    Decorative arches. Laced
  27. The genaralife summer palace
    Summer palace above the Alhambra.
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