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  1. Iliopsoas
    • PA: Anterior Lumbar vertebrae, Proximal iliac fossa,
    • DA: Proximal medial femur,

    Function: hip flexion (trunk pulled down, leg pulled up), Exterior rotation of the femur.
  2. Gluteus Maximus
    • PA: Outer surface of ilium, Lateral sacrum,
    • DA: Posterior proximal femur,

    Function: hip extension, tilting back/flattening of the back
  3. Gluteus medius and minimus
    • PA: outer surface of ilium,
    • DA: lateral proximal femur,

    Function: hip adduction
  4. Quadriceps femoris (3 vastus)
    • PA 3 vastus: (intermedius, lateralis, medialis): all around the proximal femur,
    • DA: Anterior proximal tibia (tibial tuberosity),

    Function: knee extension ONLY
  5. Adductors (5)
    • PA: Pubis,
    • DA: Medial femur,

    Function: hip adduction
  6. Rectus femoris (quadricep)
    • PA: Anterior ilium,
    • DA: Anterior, proximal tibia (tibial tuberosity),

    Function: knee extension, hip flexion (rectus femoris only)
  7. Hamstrings
    • PA: Ischial tuberosity,
    • DA: Posterior, proximal tibia (medially and laterally),

    Function: hip extension, knee flexion
  8. Tibialis Anterior
    • PA: Anterior, proximal tibia (2/5 of it),
    • DA: top of first metatarsal,

    Function: Dorsiflexion
  9. Gastrocnemius
    • PA: Posterior, (medial and lateral) distal femur,
    • DA: Calcaneus,

    Function: Plantar flexion, knee flexion
  10. Soleus
    • PA: Posterior proximal tibia,
    • DA: Calcaneus,

    Function: Plantar Flexion
  11. Hip flexion
    Iliospoas, Rectus femoris
  12. Exterior rotation of the femur
  13. Tilting backwards, flattening of the back
    Gluteus Maximus
  14. Hip adduction
  15. Hip abduction
    Gluteus medius and minimus
  16. Knee extension
    Quadriceps: Vastus Femoris, Rectus Femoris
  17. Knee flexion
    Hamstrings, Gastrocnemius
  18. Dorsiflexion
    Tibialis Anterior,
  19. Plantar flexion
    Gastrocnemius, Soleus
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