Muscular System

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  1. Origin
    When a muscle attaches to a ball, the end that does not move is called
  2. Trapezius
    What muscle extends the head, and moves the shoulders. That is located at the upper back and neck?
  3. Muscle Tone or Tone
    What is the normal state of balanced muscle tension required to hold the body in an awake position?
  4. Involuntary
    What is the term for functioning without conscious thought or control?
  5. Skeletal
    What are muscles under voluntary control called?
  6. Latissimus Dorsi
    What is the muscle that extends and adducts the upper arm that is located around the spine to the chest?
  7. Quadriceps Femoris
    What is the muscle that extends the leg and is located at the front of the thigh?
  8. Sternocleidomastoid
    What is the muscle that helps flex the neck and rotate the head?
  9. Sartorius
    What is the muscle that abducts thigh and flexes the leg and is located in front of the thigh?
  10. Fascia
    What is a tough, sheet-like membrane that covers and protect the muscle?
  11. Skeletal, cardiac, visceral
    Name 3 types of muscle.
  12. Sprain
    What is an injury to a joint such as an ankle, knee, or wrist frequently caused by overuse and often involves a stretch/ torn ligament?
  13. Strain
    Injury or overstretching to the body of the muscle or attachment of the tendon.
  14. Pectoralis Major
    What muscle adducts and flexes the upper arm; that is located at the upper chest?
  15. Excitability, contractibility, extensibility, elasticity
    Name the characteristics of muscle
  16. Insertion
    The end that moves when the muscle contracts is called_______.
  17. Attach to bones to provide voluntary movement, produce heat and energy, help maintain posture, protect internal organs
    What are the 4 important functions of skeletal muscles?
  18. Tendons
    What attaches muscle to bone?
  19. Abduction
    What is moving the body part away from the midline?
  20. Muscular system
    What system produces movement, protect internal organs, produces body heat, maintain posture?
  21. deltoid muscle
    What is the muscle that forms the shoulder cap and is shaped like an inverted triangle
  22. Biceps brachii
    What muscle flexes the lower arm that is located at the upper arm?
  23. Atrophy
    When muscles are not used for a long period of time, they can shrink in size and lose strength.
  24. Myasthenia gravis
    • Chronic autoimmune disease where an abnormality in neuromuscular functions causes episodes of muscle weakness
    • spasms. Nerve impulses are not transmitted to the brain
    • What is a sudden, violent, involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles?
  25. Muscular Dystrophy
    What is a group of inherited diseases that lead to chronic, progressive muscle atrophy?
  26. Fibromyalgia
    What is the disease where chronic, widespread pain in specific muscle sites?
  27. Contracture
    What is a severe tightening of a flexor muscle resulting in brnding of a joint?
  28. Electromyography
    Process of recording the strength of muscle contractions as a result of a electrical stimulation
  29. Muscle Tone
    What is it called when muscle are partially contracted at all times even when not in use?
  30. Gastronemius
    What muscle flexes the sole of the foot that is located at the back of the lower leg?
  31. Tibialis Anterior
    What muscle flexes and inverts the foot that is located in front of the lower leg?
  32. Tripceps Brachii
    What muscle extends the lower arm that is located in the upper arm??
  33. Intercostals
    What muscle moves ribs for breathing that is located between the ribs?
  34. Rectus Abdominus
    What muscle compresses the abdomen that is located from the ribs to the pelvis?
  35. Skeletal
    • Cardial
    • Visceral (Smooth)
    • Name the three main types of muscle tissue
  36. Gluteus Maximus
    What muscle extends the thighs and is an injection site that is located at the buttocks?
  37. Muscle Tissue
    What tissue produces power and movement by contraction of muscle fibers?
  38. Cardiac Muscle
    What muscle forms the walls of the heart and contracts to circulate blood?
  39. Visceral or Smooth Muscle
    What type of muscle is round in the internal organs of the body?
  40. Cerebral Palsy
    What is a disturbance in voluntary muscle action and is cause by brain damage?
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