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  1. Changing subject
    1. On another note, I was wondering whether ...
  2. Attached 

    1. name card
    1. it was my pleasure to meet with you yesterday.  As I didn't bring my name cards yesterday, I am attaching it here
  3. Accept invitation

    1. tentatively
    1. We are honored to be invited and would love to join your xx and to share the happiness, but can we confirm our attendance nearer the date because the commitment at xx may at the last minute prevent me going
  4. Thank you - donation
  5. Decline - not to mention the reason
    1. Thank you for .. which I shall have more than happy to accept but there is special circumstances this year preventing me from doing so.  Please allow me to get it a pass and I will explain to you why when we meet
  6. Decline - an invitation
    • 1. I regret that I already have two commitments that evening
    • 2. I would very much like to go but I already have a commitment on xx
    • 3. He would love to join the xx but unfortunately the xx (event name) will be held in xx which overlaps xx
    • 4. He is afraid that his participation may be sensitive and thus he will have to kindly decline the invitation
    • 5. Thank you for .. which I shall have more than happy to accept but there is special circumstances this year preventing me from doing so.  
    • 6. and therefore cannot make it to your function
    • 7. I am afraid I have to give it a pass and hope to get together some other time.
    • 8. Appreciate your kind understanding and wish you all the best
    • 9. We hope you understand, and wish you every success in organising the vent
  7. Appeal for help - closing
    • 1. please do pardon me for asking this awkward (笨拙的) question
    • 2. Please forget about my requests if they are too onerous (麻煩的) and please pardon me for asking
  8. Congratulations
    • 1. I am glad that we have an able and dedicated (專注的) friend serving this important governing body of the profession.  Wish you all the very best
    • 2. I am sure your leadership and business acumen will bring xx (e.g HKEX) to new height!  
    • 3. It is great to hear that you have established your own firm.  I am sure it will be a prosperous year for you too.  I wish you every success in your new endeavor.  
    • 4. I look forward to have the opportunities to  working closely with you in the future (to serving your client)
  9. Complaint
    • 1. attached please find a case I received from my xx who complained about the captioned for your perusal.
    • 2. I brought to your attention about a complaint case which I received from xx.  
    • 3. Ms xx sought assistance in her complaint against xx.
    • 4. This kind of misrepresentation (誤傳; 歪曲) is detrimental (不利的) to public interest and may have serious social consequence.
    • 5. It can no longer be tolerated.
    • 5. I am writing to you to give more details about the case
  10. Comforting (when a blame happens)
    • 1. it is neither your failing nor your fault.  This is a reflection of the society and mentality of people in general.  Do not take this personally and do not despair.
    • 2. You are doing all these for God, not for your self.  Remember that even Jesus was rejected by the crowd.  Please do not feel bad about this
  11. Confirming an agreement_template
    1. this contract will confirm our agreement in connection with (your services) as (freelance writer) for the work (entitled Why Kangaroos Can't Fly).  You agree to assist us in preparation of the (book) by (developing content for it), based on (your zoo-keeping experience)
  12. Confirmation an understanding
    • 1. I refer to the following email from xx. 
    • 2. Please confirm whether the arrangement mentioned in the last paragraph (highlighted in blue) of his email is correct ... and acceptable by xx.
    • 3. I wish to confirm with you whether the statement in the second paragraph of xx below is correct
  13. Farewell notes
    1. describe the fact
    2. afterward plan_ travel 
    3. thank you for the past
    • 1. I would like to let you know that after much consideration, I have resigned from xx effective May 16, 2012.  
    • 2. I will take some times off and travel for a while before I start my new work again.
    • 3. Thank you for your kindness, support, encouragement and love through the years
    • 4. I am deeply touched by some of you whose have been always there for me.  Again, thank you so much
  14. Clarify_ a miscommunication
    1. The reply I got is quite different for xx's understanding.  There could be some misunderstanding.  Her reply to xx is also negative.  Perhaps, I should recap what has been going on in the xx to put this matter in perspective (透視圖法)
  15. Explain_ a delay

    1. cannot reply ASAP (other commitments)
    1.1 request reply later
    2. delay because of busy
    3. no answer of the phone call
    • 1. Unfortunately, other commitments including xx (eg last week's regional meeting in x) have prevented me from preparing the letter for you
    • 1.1 Please give me a few more days and I will get back to you.
    • 2. I intend to write to you for a long time but it has been a very hectic and stressful week for me.  
    • 2.1 Please give me a call when you are free. I wish to touch base with you about xx
    • 3. I was having a meeting this morning busy sorting out matter relating to xx and thus missed xx (eg your) phone call and sadly also missed the xx message.
  16. Common words
    • 1. it is always a pleasure talking
    • 2. I am delighted to know that you are interested to 
    • 3. It is my honor to
    • 4. .. and really appreciated for your kind sharing with us
    • I also appreciate John's efforts in taking care of 
    • 5. As introduced/mentioned during the dinner, 
    • 6. I truly appreciate this election experience and glad to see
    • 7. Thank you for your reminders, they are very useful
    • 8. The meeting went well and the presentation and discussions are insightful and interesting.  
    • 9. It has been my pleasure and honor to have your full support and encouragement during ...
    • 10.I received with delight your letter about the work of xx to give less privileged children a learning experience at xx.
    • 11. This indeed a very honorable activity
  17. Condolences
    • A
    • 1. I am sorry to know that your xx has passed away.
    • 2. Our hearts go out to you when we learn of the passing away of xx.  It is so unexpected
    • 3. We were all saddened by the recent passing of xx


    • 1. Our deep condolences to you and your family
    • 2. Fine consolation (慰藉) in the thought that he now rests in peace, bathed in the tender love of his loved ones in his final moments
    • 3. Please be consoled by the thought that he is now in heaven with xx (our Father), and his body is rejuvenated (使年輕). He is now youthful, joyful and full of strengths


    • 1. there must be a lot of matters that you have to attend to these days.  
    • 2. During his tenure, xx (the pax) contributed significantly to the growth and the status of xx. He was well support by an able team, xx & xx (Names). He will be missed by the staff, friends, business partners, as well as the community.

    • D. 
    • 1. I very much wanted to be at xx.  My sincerely apologies for not being present today for this very special moment (ceremony..)

    E. He will be missed by the staff, business partners, as well as the community
  18. Appeal

    1. for referral
    1. I am wondering whether you have had the chance to reach out to xx (a company/pax) regarding opportunities there in their xx (dept name) with regard to xx (applicant name)
  19. Appeal

    1. for help
    • 1. I am xx (position)
    • 2. We received an email from xx (a young audit trainee) who complains her xx (employer's) unfair treatment. Please read the below forwarded email
    • 3. xx (a person) wonders if you could kindly consult the xx (council) on whether such unfair contract terms are actually enforceable.
    • 4. May we refer the case to you for follow-up?
    • 5. Thank you very much in advance.

    • 1. I am pleased to inform you that my fellow xx and I have been elected to be members of the xx (council name) and will assume the directorships of xx with effect fr xx.
    • 2. we pledge (保證) that we will make every effort to accomplish xx's mission to enhance the well-being of the community and earnestly appeal for your support
    • 3. while we sincerely thank the well wishers of xx and friends of the xx (community name) who prepared to send floral gift as a gesture of congratulation to our inauguration
    • 4. we would be more than pleased to receive your donation in lieu of floral gifts
    • 5. your donation will definitely help us continue and enhance our provision (供應) of the much-needed services
    • 6. if you would be so kind as to render給予) your support, please complete and return the attached donation form to us by xx (date)
  20. Appeal

    1. for donation
    • 1. at the xx meeting of (committee name) held on xx, members agreed that apart from the donation received in the xx,
    • 2. xx (committee name) would need to raise a substantial amount of general fund for supporting its upcoming operation.  
    • 3. In this connection, your kind help is requested to identify potential donors for our follow up action
    • 4. both xx & xx would be happy to meet with the donors if necessary.
    • 5. Please call them directly to discuss
    • 6. I enclose herewith ....
  21. 1. My favorite season is Spring 
    2. My Uncle took us to Yankee Stadium
    3. I'll come and stay with you, grandma
    4. Diseases like Smallpox and Polio have been eradicated
    5. The Mayor spoke at a news conference this morning
    6. Because of the high cost; we decided not to go
    7. Sherman, general manager
    • 1. My favorite season is spring - spring is a season, no cap is needed
    • 2. My uncle took us ... - uncle is not a proper noun, no cap
    • 3. I'll come and ... Grandma - Grandma is a proper noun
    • 4. Polio and smallpox should not be capitalized.  Diseases are not capitalized unless a proper noun is part of the name
    • 5. Mayor should not be capitalized because it does not refer to a particular mayor
    • 6. A semicolon is not used between a dependent and an independent clause. Use a comma
    • 7. title takes cap
  22. I was born on May 17, 1962 in the USA - wrong
    I was born on May 17, 1962, in the USA
  23. collective nouns use singular or pronouns?
    use singular pronouns unless it is obvious that every person or thing in the group act individually
  24. verb to be after "or/nor"
    1. use pronouns that agree with he nearest subject/object

    @ Neither my one car nor my four dogs are ....
  25. This/it/that + is + the first time

    what tense
    1. usually use Present perfect in the next clause

    • @ that's the first time I have seen Jan looked embarrassed (past event)
    • @ It won't be the first time she has voted against the government in her long career (talking abt a future)
  26. as soon as

    1. tense usage
    • 1. perfect tense - future
    • 2. simple past - past

    • @ after she left hospital (past), she had a long holiday
    • @ After Dominic has left school (future), he will be spending six months in India
  27. since

    1. use of past or present time?
    • 1. past tense in time clause
    • 2. present perfect tense in main clause
    • 3. but use present perfect in time & main clause when both extend until the present

    • @ Since he became president, both taxes and unemployment have increased.
    • @ She hasn't been able to play tennis since she broke her arm.
    • @ have u met any of your neighbors since u have lived here?
  28. this morning/week & today

    can use present perfect or simple past tense?
    • 1. this morning/week & today refer to past
    • 2. if u think this is still present at the time of speaking - present perfect
    • 3. if u think this was past when speaking - past tense
  29. word_opening_general
    1. Many thanks for keeping us informed of the (development of the case).
  30. Words_support for an action
    1. xx & I have no doubt that your actions were in the best interest of the (school) and the (children) and not in anyway improper

    2. Do take care and I trust that the matter will be satisfactorily resolved in the near future
  31. Word_welcome an enquire
    1. Thank you very much for reaching to us and welcome to (CHHK).  We are quite excited with your idea of working with you and xx in developing xx and do very much look forward to your visit
  32. words_farwel dinner
    1. to express my gratitude to your support and services over the past years, I will host an appreciation dinner with details as follows;

    2. Other retired committee chairmen & etc will also join the dinner.  I hope very much that you would be able to find time to fit this in your schedule.  Please indicate your availability for the appreciation dinner in attached reply slip & fax

    May I thank you once again for your contribution & I look forward to seeing you at the dinner
  33. words_thank you for taking up an appointment
    1. I would like to thank you for chairing the xx from xx to xx.

    Over the past years, both the (council) & (committee) have benefited greatly from your invaluable expertise and advice.  Under your leadership, the (committee) has provided tremendous support towards (formulating strategies) & xx in promoting xx industry
  34. words_closing after an event
    1. We are indeed very impressed by the outstanding professionalism & integrity of (the police force) and feel very proud

    2. All your feedback are inspirational and we will certainly explore those issues raised, especially the xx strategy...

    3. We hope we can see your faces again in other different xx occasions in the future
  35. Words_after a meal
    • 1. It was our pleasure to spend (the Valentine evening) with our good friends.  Your company is delightful.  Mary and I enjoyed your company very much which made the evening warm and loving
    • 2. Thank you very much for inviting me and my xx for (a curry lunch).  The food was superb and the company is even better.  
    • 3. Thank you so much for coming to our (30th anniversary dinner).  Our (celebration party) wouldn't have been held successfully without your sharing on marriage.  We are delighted that you were there to celebrate our (dinner).  It meant a lot to us!.  Your blessings are much appreciated.

    3. We would like to express our gratitude to (John) for your kind hospitality
  36. Words_TY_for a gift
    1. Thank you so much for the (two nice bottles of wine).  We appreciate your kindness and generosity but it is indeed not necessary.
  37. words_TY_to a retired committee member
    1. It is our great honor to have you served as the (mentor the program). Through your (mentorship), students were inspired not only by your career success, but also your profound leadership skills

    2. We valued and appreciated you for contributing your precious time in offering invaluable advice and guidance to (our students).  Without your generous contributions, the xx could not be launched so successfully and smoothly in (2011).  

    3. Thank you once again for all your great assistance and unfailing support to xx.  We look forward to our further collaboration in future
  38. Friendly _ opening
    1. It has been a long since I last wrote you.

    2. How have u been lately?
  39. 我不願向太多人說那起車禍是怎麼發生, 因為我該為那場意外負責任
    @ I would rather not to tell too many people how it happened, since I myself am blame for it.
  40. Advise a bad new
    • 1. Their main worries were that... are comparatively low
    • 2. .. have to remain anonymous 
    • 3. which might have reduced their interest in (working with x)
    • 4. I am not sure if these complaints are valid
    • 5. But as a good friend, I feel obliged to let you know the worries I have heard.
    • 6. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this
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