MIS Test 2 Ch 4 Part 2

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  1. A
    network that connects computer systems and devices within a small area,
    such as an office, home, or several floors in a building.
    local area network (LAN)
  2. A telecommunications network that connects users and their computers in a geographical area that spans a campus or city.
    metropolitan area network (MAN)
  3. A very short-range wireless connectivity technology designed for cell phones and credit cards.
    near field communication (NFC)
  4. Systems software that controls the computer systems and devices on a network and allows them to communicate with each other.
    network operating system (NOS)
  5. Software
    that enables a manager on a networked desktop to monitor the use of
    individual computers and shared hardware (such as printers); scan for
    viruses; and ensure compliance with software licenses.
    network-management software
  6. A network that supports the interconnection of information technology within a range of 33 feet or so.
    personal area network (PAN)
  7. Software
    that has the functionality and complexity of traditional application
    software, but does not require local installation and runs in a Web
    rich Internet application (RIA)
  8. A
    valuable tool that enables you to find information on the Web by
    specifying words that are key to a topic of interest, known as keywords.
    search engine
  9. Any material substance that carries an electronic signal to support communications between a sending and receiving device.
    telecommunications medium
  10. The process by which VPNs transfer information by encapsulating traffic in IP packets over the Internet.
  11. A
    form of short range communications that employs extremely short
    electromagnetic pulses lasting just 50 to 1,000 picoseconds that are
    transmitted across a broad range of radio frequencies of several
    ultra wideband (UWB)
  12. A
    Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using
    letters and words that map to an IP address and a location on the host.
    Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
  13. Server
    and client software, the hypertext transfer protocol (http), standards,
    and mark-up languages that combine to deliver information and services
    over the Internet.
  14. The Web as a computing platform that supports software applications and the sharing of information among users.
    Web 2.0
  15. Web client software such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera used to view Web pages.
    Web browser
  16. A
    Web site that people can create and use to write about their
    observations, experiences, and opinions on a wide range of topics.
    Web log (blog)
  17. A
    Web page that combines useful information and links and acts as an
    entry point to the Web— they typically include a search engine, a
    subject directory, daily headlines, and other items of interest. Many
    people choose a Web portal as their browser’s home page (the first page
    you open when you begin browsing the Web).
    Web portal
  18. A medium-range wireless telecommunications technology brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance.
  19. A telecommunications network that connects large geographic regions.
    wide area network (WAN)
  20. The
    common name for a set of IEEE 802.16 wireless metropolitan area network
    standards that support various types of communications access
    Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)
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