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  1. Congenial
    pleasant, friendly
  2. Abstain
  3. Ethereal
  4. Hyperborean
    situated in extreme north, arctic, cold
  5. Repine(v)
    fret, complain
  6. Vampire
    ghostly being that sucks the blood of the living
  7. Wheedle
    cajole, coax
  8. Multilingual
    having many languages
  9. Fulsome
  10. Gorge(n)
    narrow canyon
  11. Metallurgical
    pertaining to the art of removing metal from ores
  12. Metaphor
    implied comparison
  13. Parable
    short story teaching a moral
  14. Frowzy
    slovenly, dirty
  15. Coquet(n)
  16. Cruet
    small glass bottle for vinegar, oil etc.
  17. Mayhem
    injury to body
  18. Gamely
  19. Fret
    to be annoyed or vexed
  20. Die
  21. Centigrade
    measure of temperature used widelyin Europe
  22. Apostate
    one who abandons his religions or political beliefs
  23. Component
    element, ingredient
  24. Hedonism
    belief that pleasure is the sole aim of life
  25. Mediocre
    ordinary, commonplace
  26. Surveillance
    watching, guarding
  27. Terrapin
    american marsh tortoise
  28. Irreparable
    not able to be corrected
  29. Humus
    substance formed by decaying vegetable matter
  30. Onus
  31. Climactic
    relating to highest point
  32. Attenuate
    make thin, attenuate
  33. Centrifugal
    radiating, departing from center
  34. Comprehensive
    thorough, incisive
  35. Equinox
    period of equal nights & days
  36. Belated
  37. Indignity
    offensive or insulting treatment
  38. Indigence
  39. Intangible
    not able to be perceived by touch
  40. Maverick
  41. Authenticate
    prove genuine
  42. Begatelle
  43. Deducible
    derived by reasoning
  44. Defunct
    dead, no longer in use or existence
  45. Incidental
    not essential, minor
  46. Interdict
  47. Astronomical
    enormously large or extensive
  48. Cameo
    shell or jewel carved in relief
  49. Calumny(n)
  50. Integument
    outer covering of skin
  51. Invidious
    designed to create ill will or envy
  52. Naivete
    quality of being unsophisticated
  53. Propitious
  54. Purloin(v)
  55. Symmetry
    arrangement of parts so that balance is obtained
  56. Sundry
    various, several
  57. Tenuous
    thin, rare
  58. Temerarious
  59. Impede
    hinder, thwart
  60. Efface
    rub out
  61. Haggle
    argue about prices
  62. Homeostasis
    tendancy of a system to maintain relative stability
  63. Isotope
    varying form of an element
  64. Jingoism
    extremely aggressive and militant patriotism
  65. Larceny
  66. Lumber
    move heavily and clumsily
  67. Manifestation
    outward demonstration
  68. Argot
  69. Array
    adorn, clothe
  70. Bouillon
    clear beef soup
  71. Cabal
    small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
  72. Burlesque
    give an immitation that ridicules
  73. Crotchety
  74. Culinary
    related to cooking
  75. Incidence
    rate of occurence
  76. Responsiveness
    state of reacting readily to appeals or orders
  77. Perquisite
    any gain above stipulated salary
  78. Cupidity
  79. Dearth
  80. Brindled
    tawny or greyish with streaks or spots
  81. Asylum
    place of refuge or shelter
  82. Abstemious
    spearing in eating or drinking
  83. Cerebral
    pertaining to brain or intellect
  84. Cataract
    great waterfall, eye abnormality
  85. Ingenue
    an artless girl
  86. Fusion
    union, coalition
  87. Impregnable
  88. Pragmatic
  89. Poultice
    soothing application applied to sores or inflamed portions of body
  90. Pique
    • a transient feeling of wounded vanity
    • resentment
  91. Milieu
    • the physical or social setting in which something occurs
    • background
  92. Freshet
    sudden flood
  93. Ebullient
    showing excitement
  94. Imperial
    related to an empire
  95. Imprecate(v)
  96. Indenture
    bind as servant or apprentice to master
  97. Bugaboo
    object of baseless fear
  98. Breach
    breaking of contract or duty
  99. Aseptic
    preventing infection
  100. Accrue
    come about by addition
  101. Quip(n)
  102. Raiment
  103. Rationalization
    bringing into conformity with reasons
  104. Pathetic
    causing sadness
  105. Demean
    degrade, humiliate
  106. Capitulate
  107. Apocalyptic
  108. Bourgeois
    middle class
  109. Constituent
  110. Automaton
    mechanism which imitates actions of humans
  111. Contortions
    twistings, distortions
  112. Braggart
  113. Litany
    supplicatory prayer
  114. Mammal
    a vertebrate animal whose females feed the young
  115. Tergiversations
    evasion of straight forward action or clear cut statement
  116. Idiosyncratic
    private to an individual
  117. Incognito
    with identity concealed
  118. Angular
    sharp- cornered, stiff manner
  119. Marital
    pertaining to marriage
  120. Anomalous
  121. Aspirant
    seeker after position or status
  122. Cordon
    extended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress
  123. Furor
  124. Auxiliary
    additional or subsidiary
  125. Encroachment
    gradual intrusion
  126. Meddlesome
  127. Venerable
    deserving high respect
  128. Perfunctory
    listless, not thorough
  129. Fusillade
    simultaneous firing or outburst (of missiles, questions)
  130. Galaxy
    the Milky way
  131. Metamorphosis
    change of form
  132. Dissipate
  133. Pied
  134. Graduated
    arranged by degrees
  135. Demoniac
  136. Deplete
    reduce, exhaust
  137. Desultory
    aimless, jumping around
  138. Hypochondriac
    person unduly worried about his health
  139. Cornice
    projecting molding on a building
  140. Corollary
  141. Potion
    dose(of a liquid)
  142. Ichthyology
    study of fish
  143. Exchequer
  144. Expertise
    specialized knowledge
  145. Beneficiary
    person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
  146. Bifurcated
    divided into two branches
  147. Acidulous
    slightly sour
  148. Dolt
    stupid person
  149. Admonition
  150. Insensible
  151. Kleptomaniac
    persn who has a compulsive desire to steal
  152. Enervate
  153. Adamant
    hard, inflexible
  154. Dessicate
    dry up
  155. Inalienable
    not to be taken away
  156. Plenitude
  157. Terrestrial
    on the earth
  158. Tenure
    holding of an office
  159. Vicissitude
    change of fortune
  160. Ventriloquent
    someone who can make his or her voice seem to come from another person or thing
  161. Chassis
    framework and working parts of an automobile
  162. Civil
    having to do with the citizens or the state
  163. Clairvoyant
    having foresight
  164. Beneficent
    kind, doing good
  165. Betroth
    bocome engaged to marry
  166. Dulcet
    sweet sounding
  167. Document
    provide written evidence
  168. Iniquitos
    unjust, wicked
  169. Noncommittal
    neutral, unpledged
  170. Ramshackle
    falling apart
  171. Striated
    marked with parallel bands, grooved
  172. Advocate
    urge, plead for
  173. Effusion
    pouring forth
  174. Equitable
    fair, impartial
  175. Horticultural
    pertaining to cultivation of gardens
  176. Libertine
    debauched person
  177. Monotony
    sameness leading to boredom
  178. Precedent
    something preceding in time which may be used as an authority or guide for future action
  179. Pluck(n)
  180. Crypt
    secret recess or vault
  181. Coup
    highly successful action or attack
  182. Fortuitous
    • accidental
    • by chance
  183. Fleece
    wool coat of sheep
  184. Grovel
  185. Millenium
    thousand year period
  186. Mesa
    flat topped hill
  187. Equable
  188. Imply
    suggest a meaning not expressed
  189. Guffaw
    boisterous laughter
  190. Lexicographer
    compiler of a dictionary
  191. Palette
    board on which painter mixes pigments
  192. Overt
    open to view
  193. Uninhibited
  194. Perrenial
    long lasting
  195. Incongruity
    lacking harmony
  196. Cadence
    rhythmic rise and fall of words or sound
  197. Digression
    wandering away from subject
  198. Disheartened
    lacking courage and hope
  199. Alchemy
    medieval chemistry
  200. Culmination
    attainent of highest point
  201. Culpable
    deserving blame
  202. Culvert
    artificial channel for water
  203. Anachronism
    an error involving time in story
  204. Deflect
    turn aside
  205. Debauch(v)
  206. Conformity
    harmony, agreement
  207. Bigotry
    stubborn intolerance
  208. Accost
    approach and speak first to a person
  209. Affidavit
    written statement made under oath
  210. Gaffe
    social blunder
  211. Functionary
  212. Expostulation
    • remonstrance
    • an earnest presentation of reason for opposition or grievance
  213. Expatriate(n)
  214. Flit
    dart lightly, pass swiftly by
  215. Minaret
    slender tower attached to a mosque
  216. Menial
    suitable for servants, lo
  217. Reprobate
    person hardened in sin
  218. Scapegoat
    someone who bears the blames for others
  219. Sluggard
    lazy person
  220. Terminus
    last stop for railroad
  221. Titular
    nominal holding of a title wthout obligations
  222. Voluptuous
    gratifying the sense
  223. Whorl
    ring of leaves aroung the stem, ring
  224. Waive
    give up temporarily
  225. Spectrum
    colored band produced when beam of light passes through a prism
  226. Stamina
    strength, staying power
  227. Stanza
    division of a poem
  228. Ornithologist
    scientific student of science
  229. Orientation
    act of finding oneself in society
  230. Patrimony
    inheritance from father
  231. Dally
    trifle with, procrastinate
  232. Cliche
    phrase dulled in meaning by repitition
  233. Codify
    arrange(laws, rules) as code
  234. Deadpan
    wooden, impassive
  235. Bulwark
    earthwork or other strong defense
  236. Cantankerous
    ill humored
  237. Capricious
    fickle, incalculable, whimsical
  238. Ancillary
    serving as an aid or accessory
  239. Correlation
    mutual relationship
  240. Corsair
    pirate, pirate ship
  241. Cozen
  242. Anonymity
    state of being nameless
  243. Aphasia
    loss of speech due to injury or illness
  244. Cardinal
  245. Decadence
  246. Founder
    fail completely, sink
  247. Exacting
    extremely demanding
  248. Glean
    gather leaves
  249. Inaugurate
    begin formally
  250. Hortatory
  251. Junta
    group of men joined in political intrigue
  252. Labile
    likely to change
  253. Leaven
    cause to rise grow lighter
  254. Miniscule
    extremely small
  255. Misadventure
    mischance, ill luck
  256. Aberrant
  257. Accessory
    additional object
  258. Ceremonious
    marked by formality
  259. Decomposition
    decay (n)
  260. Ogle
    make eyes at
  261. Philology
    study of language
  262. Perspicacious
    having insight
  263. Rebus
    puzzle in which picture stands for words
  264. Piebald
    mottled, spotted
  265. Recrimination
  266. Piety
  267. Semblance
    outward appearance
  268. Sensual
    devoted to the pleasure of senses, voluptuous
  269. Stoke
    to feed plentifully
  270. Traumatic
    petaining to an injury caused by violence
  271. Transition
    going from one state of action to another
  272. Ursine
    bear like
  273. Unfeigned
  274. Vouchsafe
    grant condescendingly
  275. Wean
    accustom a baby not to nurse
  276. Addle
    roten, muddled, crazy
  277. Cull
    pick out, reject
  278. Corrosive
    eating away by chemicals or disease
  279. Herpetologist
    one who studies reptiles
  280. Marsupial
    one of a family of mammals that nurses their offspring in a pouch
  281. Cognate
    allied by blood
  282. Coeval
    living at the sametime as, contemporary
  283. Cognitive
    having to do with knowing or perceiving
  284. Maternal
  285. Retroactive
    something made effective as of a date prior to enactment or promulgation
  286. Distaff
    • maternal
    • a staff for holding the flax, tow, or wool in spinning
  287. Domicile
  288. Rapacious
    excessively grasping
  289. Stagnant
    stalemate, dull
  290. Stellar
    pertaining to stars
  291. Temperate
  292. Tumid
    swollen, pompous
  293. Imperiousness
  294. Incandescent
    strikingly bright
  295. Extrovert
    person interested mostly in external objects
  296. Proboscis
    long snout
  297. Gaff
    hook, barbed fishing spear
  298. Laconic
    brief to the point
  299. Sanctimonious
    displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness
  300. Sheathe(v)
    place into a case
  301. Viper
    poisonous snake
  302. Temporize
    avoid committing oneself
  303. Mintory
  304. Mentor
  305. Indemnify
    make secure against loss
  306. Libelous
  307. Erotic
    pertaining to passionate love
  308. Foist
    insert improperly
  309. Anticlimax(n)
    letdown in thought or emotion
  310. Appraise
    estimate value of
  311. Ennui
  312. Commiserate
    feel or express pity or sympathy
  313. Dilatory
  314. Dirge(n)
    lament with music
  315. Dire
  316. Coda
    concluding section of a musical or literary composition
  317. Obliquity
    departure from right principles
  318. Pandemic
  319. Combustible
    easily burned
  320. Commandeer
    to draft for military purposes
  321. Automation
    mechanism which imitates action of humans
  322. Avatar
  323. Concurrent
    happening at the same time
  324. Patronize
    support, act superior towards
  325. Incantation
    singing or chanting of magical spells
  326. Melee(n)
  327. Skullduggery
    dishonest behaviour
  328. Stricture
    critical comments
  329. Gruel
    liquid food made by boiling oatmeal
  330. Pellucid
    transparent, limpid
  331. Equipoise
    balance, equilibrium
  332. Console
    lessen sadness or disappointment
  333. Foil(v)
  334. Arboretum
    place where different varieties of trees and shrubs are exhibited and studied
  335. Authoritarian
    favoring or exercising total control
  336. Impetuous
    violent, hasty, rash
  337. Morbid
    • abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feeling
    • grisly
    • gruesome
  338. Malignant
    having an evil influence
  339. Paranoiac
    mentally unsound person suffering from delusions
  340. Rotundity
  341. Sensuous
    pertaining to the physical senses
  342. Testator
    maker of a will
  343. Champion(v)
    support militantly
  344. Coagulate
    thicken, congeal, clot
  345. Artisan
    manually skilled worker
  346. Alimentary
    supplying nourishment
  347. Cosmic
    pertaining to the universe, vast
  348. Galleon
    large sailing ship
  349. Pathological
    pertaining to a disease
  350. Threnody
    song of lamentation
  351. Tertiary
  352. Optimist
    person who looks at the bright side
  353. Gerrymander
    changing voting district lines in order to favor a political party
  354. Livid
    lead-coloured, black and blue
  355. Animadversion
    critical remark
  356. Antediluvian
    • antiquated
    • ancient
  357. Defamation
    harming a person's reputation
  358. Egregious
    gross, shocking
  359. Degenerate
    become worse
  360. Gesticulation
    motion, gesture
  361. Irksome
    annoying, tedious
  362. Levee
    earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding
  363. Gentry
    people of standing
  364. Fresco
    painting on plaster
  365. Impotent
    weak, ineffective
  366. Memorialize
  367. Misanthrope
    one who hates mankind
  368. Excision
    act of cutting away
  369. Gravity
  370. Hermetic
    obscure and mysterious
  371. Impervious
  372. Languor
    lassitude, depression, weariness
  373. Nonchalance
  374. Penumbra
    partial shadow in an eclipse
  375. Pendulous
    hanging, suspended
  376. Tipple
    drink (alcoholic beverage) frequently
  377. Dissection
    cutting apart in order to examine, analysis
  378. Divulge
  379. Moratorium
    legal delay of payment
  380. Propellants
    substances which drive or propel forward
  381. Determinate(adj)
    having a fixed order of procedures
  382. Casuistry
    subtle or sophisticated reasoning resulting in minute distinctions
  383. Catalyst
    agent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged
  384. Caucus
    private meetings of a members of a party to select officers or determine policy
  385. Deploy
    move troops so that the battle line is extended at the expense of depth
  386. Condescend
    bestow courtesies with a superior air
  387. Epilogue
    short speech at conclusion of dramatic work
  388. Genealogy
    record of descent, lineage
  389. Abject(adj)
    wretched, lacking pride
  390. Abominate
    loathe, hate
  391. Censor
    overseer of morals
  392. Chalice
    goblet, consecrated cup
  393. Effusive
    pouring forth
  394. Epigram
    witty thought or saying
  395. Gamester
  396. Fiduciary
    pertaining to a position of trust
  397. Manumit
    emancipate, free from bondage
  398. Prodigious
    enormous, marvelous
  399. Tessellated
    inlaid, mosaic
  400. Tendentious
    • having an aim
    • biased
    • designed to further a cause
  401. Projectile
  402. Bent
  403. Bovine
  404. Bowdlerize
  405. Carapace
    shell covering the back of a turtle
  406. Carillon
    set of bells capable of being played
  407. Caste
    one of the hereditary classes in the Hindu society
  408. Tether
    tie with rope
  409. Primordial
    existing at the beginning
  410. Dilute
    make less concentrated
  411. Elusory
    tending to decieve expectations
  412. Acclimate
    adjust to climate
  413. Centripetal
    tending towards the center
  414. Atelier
    workshop, studio
  415. Brackish
    somewhat saline
  416. Concord
  417. Context
    writings preceding following the passage quoted
  418. Pedagogue
    teacher, dull or formal teacher
  419. Oculist
  420. Convoluted
    coiled around, involved
  421. Imprimatur
    permission to print or publish a book
  422. Philanthropist
    lover of mankind
  423. Podium
  424. Gambit
    opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed
  425. Enrapture
    please intensely
  426. Errant
  427. Melange
    medley, miscellany
  428. Minion
    a servile dependant
  429. Reticulated
    covered with a network
  430. Avocation
    secondary or minor occupation
  431. Behoove
    be suited to
  432. Interminable
  433. Innuendo
    hint, insinuation
  434. Parturition
    delivery, childbirth
  435. Passive
    not active
  436. Impassive
    without feeling
  437. Impalpable
  438. Malingerer
    one who feigns illness to escape duty
  439. Acquittal
    deliverance from a charge
  440. Adapt
    alter, modify
  441. Aegis
    shield, defense
  442. Adverse
    unfavorable, hostile
  443. Crabbed
    sour, peevish
  444. Dynamic
    active, efficient
  445. Dyspeptic
    suffering from indigestion
  446. Efficacy
    power to produce desired effect
  447. Efflorescent
  448. Connoisseur
    person competent to act as a judge of art
  449. Conscript
    draftee, person forced into the military service
  450. Agglomeration
    collection, heap
  451. Cavalcade
    procession of riders, carriages, ships, vehicles etc.
  452. Categorical
    without exceptions
  453. Diatribe
    bitter scolding
  454. Effectual
  455. Ecclesiastic
    pertaining to the church
  456. Franchise
    right granted by authority
  457. Facile
    easy, expert
  458. Premonition
  459. Prerogative
    privilege, unquestionable right
  460. Premonitory
    serving to warn
  461. Precipitous
    • very steep
    • perpendicular or overhanging in rise or fall
  462. Precocious
    advanced in development
  463. Prevail
    induce, triumph over
  464. Predilection
  465. Predecessor
    former occupant of post
  466. Premeditate
    plan in advance
  467. Prophylactic
    used to prevent disease
  468. Propinquity
    nearness, kinship
  469. Psychopathic
    pertaining to mental derangement
  470. Postulate
    self-evident truth
  471. Purveyor
  472. Quagmire
  473. Rabid
    like a fanatic, furious
  474. Recession
    withdrawal, retreat
  475. Rapprochement
  476. Raspy
    grating, harsh
  477. Rarefied
    made less dense
  478. Retribution
  479. Serried
    standing shoulder to shoulder
  480. Septic
    putrid, producing putrefaction
  481. Skirmish
    minor fight
  482. Sluice
    artificial channel for directing or controlling the flow of water
  483. Sinecure
    well-paid position with little responsiblity
  484. Statute
  485. Statutory
    craeted by statute or legislation
  486. Stem
    check the flow
  487. Stein
    beer mug
  488. Subjugate
    • conquer
    • subdue
  489. Stigmatize
    mark as wicked
  490. Stint
    supply, allotted amount
  491. Spurious
    false, counterfeit
  492. Solidity
    dullness, impassiveness
  493. Stalemate
  494. Stalwart
    strong, brawny
  495. Stanch
    check flow of blood
  496. Stoic
    person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
  497. Axiom
    self evident truth
  498. Bedraggle
    wet thoroughly
  499. Behemoth
    huge creature
  500. Benignity
    state of being kind
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