Lesson 21 vocabulary

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  1. conserved
    conserved- If something is rare or important, you protect or conserve it.
  2. strict
    strict- If you are stern and demand obedience, you are strict.
  3. absence
    absence- An absence means that something or someone is not present.
  4. shelters
    shelters- Something that shelters you protects you and keeps you safe.
  5. permanently
    permanently- If something stays one way forever, it stays that way permanently.
  6. drifts
    drifts- When something drifts, it moves along without direction.
  7. scarce
    scarce- Something is scarce if there is not much of it to be found.
  8. dim
    dim- It is dim when there is not much light.
  9. harsh
    harsh- If something is hard to stand up to, like a blizzard, it is harsh.
  10. bleak
    bleak- If something is cold and gloomy, it is bleak.
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