Motor Behavior

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  1. Motor response to internal and external environmental stumuli
    Motor Behavior
  2. Now the central nervous system integrates internal and external sensory information with previous experiences to produce a motor response
    Motor Control
  3. Integration of motor control processes through practice and experience, leading to a relatively permanent change in the capacity to produce skilled movements
    Motor Learning
  4. The change in motor skill behavior over time throughout the lifespan
    Motor Development
  5. Groups of muscles that are recruited by the central nervous system to provide movement
    Muscle Synergies
  6. the cooperation of the nervous and muscular system in gathering and interpreting information and executing movement
    Sensorimortor Integration
  7. The use of sensory information and sensorimotor integration to help the human movement system in motor learning
  8. The process whereby sensory information is used by the body to reactively monitor movement and the environment
    Internal Feedback
  9. Information provided by some external source such as a health and fitness professional, videotape, mirror, or hear rate monitor to supplement the internal environment
    External Feedback
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