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  1. According to Haggai 1:1, name day, month, year of Darius' reign in which Haggai received his first vision?
    1st day, 6th month, 2nd year
  2. According to Haggai 1:1, what spiritual office did Haggai hold?
  3. According to Haggai 1:1, to whom was the first vision of Haggai given?
    Zerubabel and Joshua
  4. According to Haggai 1:1, Zerubbabel was the son of who?
  5. According to Haggai 1:1, Joshua was the son of who?
  6. According to Haggai 1:2, the people said the time had not come for what?
    That the Lords house should be built
  7. According to Haggai 1:4, what kind of houses did the people dwell in?
  8. According to Haggai 1:5, 7 what were the people to consider?
    Their ways
  9. According to Haggai 1:6 fill in the blanks: Ye have sown much, and _ _ _; ye eat, but ye _ _ _; ye drink, but _ _ _ _ _ _ ; ye clothe you, but there is _ _; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into _ _ _ _.
    bring in little; have not enough; ye are not filled with drink; none warm; a bag with holes
  10. According to Haggai 1:8, the people were to go up where and bring what to build the house?
    to the house; wood
  11. According to Haggai 1:8, fill in the blanks: Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take _ in it, and I will be _, saith the Lord.
    pleasure; glorified
  12. According to Haggai 1:

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