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  1. What drew immigrants form Ireland, Germany, and later Scandinavia to the American west?
    political problems, low wages, high taxes, lack of new jobs, religious persecution, and famine
  2. What are reasons for going West?
    The lure of land, desire for wealth, search for adventure and a new start, and for religious reasons
  3. What men lived in the Rockies and trapped furs themselves or bought pelts from the Indians?
    mountain men
  4. What term means coming together?
  5. Who located the South Pass?
    Jedediah Smith
  6. Who are the two most notable guides?
    Joe Meek and Kit Carson
  7. What is the first American route west of the Missouri River and was primarily a trade route?
    Santa Fe Trail
  8. What are some positions of the caravan?
    captain, wagon boss, pack train boss, chief scout, lieutenants, and wranglers
  9. What group of Indians fought the hardest to keep their western lands?
    the Indians of the Great Plains
  10. What were the first people to arrive in western areas?
    trappers and traders
  11. What man from Missouri secured a permit allowing him to bring 300 families to Texas?
    Moses Austin
  12. Which Mexican president decided to use force against Texas?
    Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  13. Who asked the officials to let the American-settled area become a separate Mexican state and wrote a letter advising the Texans to form their own state even if his mission failed?
    Stephen Austin
  14. What became the rallying cry for Texas independence?
    "Remember the Alamo!"
  15. Who were the only American survivors?
    Susannah Dickinson, wife of a soldier, her daughter and a slave
  16. What battle ended in 20 minutes?
    The Battle of San Jacinto
  17. Why didn't Houston want to kill Santa Anna? What did he do instead?
    to prevent more attacks; he held him hostage
  18. Who was the first president of their provisional government to win by a landslide?
    Sam Houston
  19. Why did the United States refuse Texas as a state?
    because the Mexicans threatened to declare war if Texas became a state
  20. Texas stood alone for __ years Texas stood alone as the "___________". (3 words)
    nine; Lone Star State
  21. What is the formal process of joining the Union?
  22. What whig candidate vowed to keep Texas out of the Union?
    Henry Clay
  23. What Democratic wanted to keep Texas out of the Union?
    Van Burren
  24. Who thought he could win both the nomination and the presidency by promising "All of Oregon, All of Texas"
    James K. Polk
  25. Who setup the American Fur Company?
    John Astor
  26. Who first traced the route of the Oregon Trail?
    Robert Stuart
  27. Who rediscovered the forgotten Oregon Trail in 1824?
    Jedediah Smith
  28. What trail was the most important route for settlers and missionaries going west?
    Oregon Trail
  29. Who were the first Americans to seek permanent homes in Oregon?
    Methodist Missionaries
  30. What emigration included nearly one thousand people?
    the Great Emigration of 1843
  31. Who developed the system of Mormon beliefs?
    Joseph Smith
  32. How did Mormonism begin?
    Joseph Smith claims that an angel had visited him and lead him to tablet covered in divine writing and claimed ti have translated the tablets and published the writings as "The Book of Mormon"
  33. What is the practice of taking in more than one wife at a time?
  34. Who was known as the "American Moses" for leading his people to Utah?
    Brugham Young
  35. What was the Mormon nation called?
  36. Who discovered the first overland path to California?
    Jedediah Smith
  37. What became the most popular trail?
    the California trail
  38. What were over eighty thousand men in search for gold during the Gold Rush called?
  39. Who was called the "pathfinder" because of his western explorations, had headed to California with sixty soldiers?
    John Charles Fremont
  40. Whose nickname was "Old Rough and Ready"?
    Zachary Taylor
  41. What was General Winfield Scout's nickname?
    Old Fuss and Feathers
  42. What treaty ended the Mexican War?
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  43. What was the payment of $20 million for land and cancelled all the debts Mexico owed to the United States?
    Mexican Cession
  44. What were some states involved in the Mexican Cession?
    California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico
  45. What completed the territory of the lower forty-eight United States?
    Gadsden Purchase
  46. The Mexican War served as a training ground for what war?
    Civil War
  47. The United States admitted California as a free state in the _________.
    Compromise of 1850
  48. Congress allowed the people to decide whether they wanted to have slavery. What is this called?
    popular sovereignty
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