Early English Gardens

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  1. Impediments to garden development in England.
    Plague, war and Henry the VIII
  2. Knot garden
    The Tudor Knot garden. Used interwoven herbs and floral design.
  3. Image Upload 1
    Tudor and Eliabethan period gardens. fashionable well into the 17th C England.
  4. Foreign influence on English Gardens
    French-Mollet, Le Jardin de Plaisir, Vaux le Vicomte; Dutch-espalier, topiary; Chinese-Sir William temple 'sharawadgi'
  5. Sir William Temple
    "sharawadgi" guy. Wrote Upon the Gardens of Epicurus.
  6. Hampton Court
    Case study of Eclecticism. Brown didnt touch this, thankfully. French influence on English Garden design.
  7. Timid beginnings in experimentation in English landscapes
    Organic design. Grotto tunnel
  8. Ha-ha wall
    Charles Bridgeman. Opened up the view of the landscape
  9. William Kent
    Dubbed the father of modern gardening
  10. Chiswick House
    Palladian Style. By Vanbrugh. Kent's Serpentine lake.
  11. Rousham
    Eye catchers. Foreground, Middle, Back. Artificial Ruins. Statues.
  12. Stowe
    Bridgeman plan 1715, very linear. Architectural neo-classicism. Kent softened the plan, palladian bridge. Temple of ancient virtue. Capability Brown in 1750
  13. Stourhead
    Village in foreground, pantheon in distance.
  14. neo-classical
    Return to the purity of classical form
  15. Claudian
    after the painter Claude Lorraine
  16. Painterly
    Series of viewpoints
  17. Circuit garden
    meant to follow a prescribed path
  18. Allegorical
    Tells a story
  19. line of beauty
    William hogarth, analysis of beauty
  20. Lancelot "capability" Brown
    Famous for lakes, and grasses flowing right up to the house. Planted in clumps
  21. Palimpcest
    Overlay effect, with plans and sometimes with old writings, monks etc.
  22. Bridge at Bleinham
    Capability brown flooded the river to make the bridge more fitting. The tree plan looks mothy after Brown changed it.
  23. Beautiful
    Smooth delicate, regular, harmonious
  24. Sublime
    rough, gloomy, violent, gigantic, untouched
  25. Picturesque vs. the sublime
    Edmund burke 1757
  26. Romanticism
    Sublime style. Sketches by William Gilpin
  27. Hermitage structures
    Inspired by writings of Rousseau. Structures in rustic style. Somewhere a hermit would live.
  28. The Gardenesque
    Gardens of artifact.
  29. Sir william Chambers
    Design of the Chinese- Kew gardens.
  30. Humphrey Repton
    The "Red Book" with lift-up flap revealing proposed design.
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