Blood Vessels Assessment

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  1. aneurysm
    localized dilation of an artery caused by weakness in the vessel wall
  2. arterial aneurysm
    localized dilation, generally defined as 1.5 times the diameter of the normal artery
  3. arterial embolic disease
    • condition in which emboli may be dispersed throughout the arterial system
    • may be precipitated by atrial fibrillation, leading to clot formation within the atrium
    • instability of the clot can result in the dispersal of emboli
  4. arteriovenous fistula
    pathologic communication between an artery and a vein
  5. bruit
    harsh or musical intermittent auscultatory sound, especially an abnormal one
  6. claudication
    pain resulting from muscle ischemia
  7. coarctation of the aorta
    stenosis of the aorta seen most commonly in the descending aortic arch near the origin of the left subclavian artery and ligamentum arteriosum
  8. constrictive pericarditis
    chronic inflammation and subsequent scaring of the pericardium
  9. fistula
    type of pathologic communication between an artery and a vein
  10. flush
    technique used to estimate blood pressure on a child
  11. homans sign
    pain indicating thrombosis in the lower extremity
  12. hum
    venous phenomenon without pathologic significance that is common in children
  13. kawasaki disease
    • acute vasculitic illness of uncertain cause affecting young males more than females
    • symptoms include strawberry tongue and edema of the hands and feet
  14. occlusion
    stenosis characterized by pain, pallor, and pulselessness supplied by the vessel
  15. peripheral arterial disease
    stenosis of the blood supply to the extremities by atherosclerotic plaques
  16. pitting
    type of edema characterized by a dent or depression that doesn't rapidly refill and resume its original contour
  17. preeclampsia
    syndrome specific to pregnancy defined by proteinuria and hypertension after the 20th week of pregnancy
  18. raynaud phenomenon
    exaggerated spasms of the digital arterioles usually in response to cold exposure
  19. temporal arteritis
    inflammatory disease of the branches of the aortic arch, including the temporal arteries
  20. thrombosis
    clotting within a blood vessel that may cause infarction of tissues
  21. varicose veins
    veins characterized by dilation and tortuosity
  22. venous thrombosis
    • blood clot that forms within a vein
    • can occur suddenly or gradually and with varying severity of symptoms¬†
    • can be result of trauma or prolonged immobilization
  23. venous ulcers
    erosion or wound that results when chronic insufficiency of venous flow leads to lower extremity venous hypertension
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