The Scientific method

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  1. Biolgy
    is the study of livings
  2. An Organism
    is a living things
  3. Scientific Method
    is a process of investigation in which problems  are identified  and their suggested explanations are tested by carrying out experiments.
  4. Hypothesis
    is an educated guess based on observations
  5. Data
    consists of the measurements ,observations or information gathered from experiments
  6. Theory
    is a hypothesis that been supported by many different experiments
  7. Law/Principle
    arises from theory that has been shown to be valid when fully tested over a long period of time
  8. Variable
    is factor that may change in an expiriment
  9. Control
    is used to provide a standard against which  the actual experimentcan be judged
  10. Replicate
    is repeat of an experiments
  11. Image Upload
  12. The value of the scientific method is limited by problems  such as:
    • 1:Lack of Basic knowledge 
    • 2:The Design of Experiments
    • 3:Difficulty in Interpreting result
    • 4:Changes in Nature
    • 5:Accidental Discoveries
  13. Ethics
    Refers to whether issues are right or wrong
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