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  1. To have just enough money to live on
    To keep head above water
  2. To have same opinion
    To see eye to eye
  3. To do something as much as you want to
    To do something to your heart's content
  4. To decide how to deal with a situation as it develops
    To play by ear
  5. To say something tactless
    To put the foot in it
  6. To get out of control
    To get out of hand
  7. To spend far too much for it
    To pay through the nose
  8. To not say what you want to say
    To bite the tongue
  9. To feel despairing
    To feel your heart sink
  10. To watch and listen carefully to what's happening around you
    To keep your ear to the ground
  11. To reject something because you don't feel it's good enough for you
    To turn your nose up at something
  12. To be ironic
    To say something tongue-in-cheek
  13. To keep trying to achieve or communicate something with no success
    To be banging your head against a wall
  14. To have a quick look at something
    To cast your eye over something
  15. To behave perfectly
    To not put a foot wrong
  16. To help someone
    To give someone a hand
  17. To feel miserable
    To be down in the mouth
  18. To hope things will happen the way you want them to
    To keep your fingers crossed
  19. To make someone who loves you very sad
    To break someone's heart
  20. To be very anxious or upset about something
    To be tearing your hair out
  21. To think very hard
    To rack your brains
  22. To make someone stop worrying
    To put someone's mind at rest
  23. To start to love someone passionately
    To fall head over heels in love
  24. To be involved in many things
    To have a fingerin every pie
  25. To push someone to put his energy on what he's doing
    To keep someone on their toes
  26. To decide to achieve something
    To set someone's heart on something
  27. To listen with attention to what someone says
    To be all ears
  28. To be unaware of what is going on from fantasies or daydreams
    To have one's head in the clouds
  29. To relax
    To put one's feet up
  30. to attract someone's attention
    To catch someone's eye
  31. To be old
    To be long in the tooth
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