Sinners to know 2

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  1. Tiresias
    (circle 8.4)
    Wanted to use unholy powers to see ahead in life
  2. Ciampolo
    (circle 8.5)
    • tricks the demons into letting him free
    • (A grafter)
  3. Caiaphus
    (circle 8.6)
    • The crucified sinner on lies on the ground as all the other Hypocrities trample over him as they walk by
    • Served as a high Priest under Pontuis Pilate
  4. Vanni Fucci
    (circle 8.7)
    • Robbed a church
    • (knew each other on Earth)
    • Prophecie ( tells the defeat of Dante's political party, the White Guelphs, at Pistoia
  5. Ulysses
    (circle 8.8)
    Epic hero who committed fraud in the Trojan War
  6. Guido de Montefeltro
    (circle 8.8)
    • Used to be a michevious person but he changed his ways and became a friar
    • Later Boniface convinced him to take over Palestrina with him
  7. Mohammad
    (circle 9)
    • Prophet of Muslims
    • A Sower of Scandal and Schism (bodys are split in half)
    • They walk in a circle get chopped into pieces, continue walking, become whole again then later the cycle continues
  8. Bertran de Born
    (circle 9)
    Advised a young king to rebel against his father (war poet)
  9. Geri Del Bello
    (circle 9)
    • Dante's fathers cousin.
    • Killed by revial group
    • Angry because dante didnt continue the cycle and kill his killers
  10. Sinon
    (circle 10 ditch)
    • Convinced the trojans to take the trojans horse
    • (false witness)
  11. Master Adam
    (circle 10 ditch)
    Counterfeited Florentine's money
  12. Ugolino
    (circle 9.3)
    • He's partnered in hell with Archbishop
    • They both committed treachory agaisnt their country and Archbishop snitched on Ugolino
    • (him in his children were locked in a tower because of his crime. he later ate his kids when they died)
  13. Fra Alberigo
    (Circle 9.4)
    • Asked Dante to¬†take the frozen tears out of his eyes.
    • A demon took over his body on earth
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