7Underground Storage Plants (bulbs/corms/tubers)

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    Alli Allium flowering onion
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    Amaryllid Gallanthus nivalis snowdrops
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    Amaryllid Lycoris radiata spider lily
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    Amaryllid Lycoris radiata spider lily
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    Amaryllid Lycoris squamigera magic lily
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    Amaryllid Lycoris squamigera magic lily
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    Amaryllid Narcissus pseudonarcissus daffodil
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    Amaryllid Zephyranthes rain lily
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    Ara Arisaema Jack-in-the-pulpit
  10. Image Upload 10
    Ara Arum italicum Italian arum
  11. Image Upload 11
    Aster Dahlia garden dahlia
  12. Image Upload 12
    Cann Canna x generalis garden canna
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    Colchic Colchicum autumnale colchicum
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    Hyacinth Hyacinthus orientalis hyacinth
  15. Image Upload 15
    Hyacinth Muscari armeniacum grape hyacinth
  16. Image Upload 16
    Irid Crocus sativus saffron crocus
  17. Image Upload 17
    Irid Crocus vernus Dutch crocus
  18. Image Upload 18
    Irid Iris cristata crested iris
  19. Image Upload 19
    Irid Iris reticulata reticulated iris
  20. Image Upload 20
    Irid Iris x germanica German iris
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7Underground Storage Plants (bulbs/corms/tubers)
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common landscape bulbs

common landscape plants that have bulbs/tubers/rhizomes
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